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    all minstrel HOC run.

    alright folks we completed the Turtle run now on to other things. im going for HOC probably wenesday or thursday of this week. please post if your interested and times available between 5-9 pm trying to get it done early as it should not take that long. the next raid i will be hosting is a watcher raid and hopefully that will be this weekend after we do turtle again to try and better the time and have no deaths .

    @Freia will be good for you to record these things again plz.

    happy hunting

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    Re: all minstrel HOC run.

    me me me! Pick me!
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    Re: all minstrel HOC run.

    I'll be happy to tag along again! I'll even try for another level or 2 before it. I know I won't be available on Mondays or Wednesdays between those times because of classes, but I should be available most other days.
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