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Thread: The King's Army

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    Cool The King's Army

    Hi Imladris,
    'The King's Army' is a new kinship focused on leveling up, questing, instancing/raiding, etc. Most of our players are new to the game and are still very much learning but we are growing rapidly and we hope to be a major force as we get larger and continue to level. if you are interested in joining a fun, interactive and dedicated kinship then please contact us in game or visit our guildportal website (http://www.KingsArmyKin.com). Also, we have a brand new Mumble voice chat server. Regardless of your playing style or purpose in the game, whether it be RPing, Raiding, PvEing, PvPing, etc, we would love to bring you aboard!

    our guildportal website: http://www.KingsArmyKin.com
    our lotro website: http://my.lotro.com/guild-870602105829260865/
    send a /tell to these people in game to get an invite: Barophos, Ivlegath, Willhelmshammar, Kaldoren, Beerhere, Syllvannas,

    Check us out! Thanks!
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    Re: The King's Army

    Great will give you a shout in game tonight. I play East time Florida. PVE a little bit RP



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