Hi All,

I recently took over the recruiting for The House of Tom Bombadil.

Right now mostly it my wife and I. So we are looking for some new blood to add to are little kin. Right now I have toons in the range of 9 to 26.

The kin has been around awhile and died off so now I am trying to rebuild it.. We already have our kin house and the kin is level 9.

Me and my wife spend most of out time running as a duet but would like to find a few more folks to run with.

We play every night on Galwing my wife's 20 level hunter and Dannion my 18 minstrel.

Please feel free to contact either of us in game.

My main is Rocbourn my 26 level champ I also have Griminwulf 19 level Captian

So please get in touch.

We are in the central time zone USA and play from 9pm till 6am
We will recruit at all levels as we will get there soon enough.

We are looking for the friendly type the Play most every night .

I do have a ventrilo server set up and would like folks that can use voice but is not mandate.

Folks new to the game are welcome to join as well

Some husband wife teams would be great or boyfriend girlfriend teams would really be super.

Adult players would be most desired but all are welcome.

I do not do random game invites and don't plan to run around begging folks to join. I find that in poor taste.

Ask here in the thread or in game mail pm me here or in game.

I ran a 70 level guild in DDO for 2 years but could never get my wife to play DDO so I gave LOTRO a shot and we both love it now we just like to have a few more friends to run with.

Hope to see u in game


My wife toon