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    75 guard looking to raid

    Hello, my in game name is Mjolnir, a 75 guardian. I have played on Silverload since it was in beta. My kinships raids have broken up, and I am looking to raid current content. Some of you may have heard of me, or grouped with me. I have successfully tanked pretty much every raid in lotro at the level they were intended. Rift, Helegrod, Watcher, DN, BG, and OD. On OD I tanked T1, and T2, but on T2 we were unable to defeat the Fear wing (and the last 2 bosses which were not attempted) but did complete all other wings on T2. I've also successfully tanked every instance in the game. As for me I am a completionist, I look to explore every aspect the game has to offer, and want to do everything there is to do. I am very interested in going up against Draigoch and seeing what he has to offer. I would rather raid with a regular group that looks out for each other than pug groups where your chance for loot never improves beyond 1/12. (I prefer seeing my raid buddies gear approve alongside mine and being able to tackle bigger and bigger challenges.)

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    Re: 75 guard looking to raid

    Hildvarr, your absolute best bet right now is to get Lords of Lothlorien in a raid alliance with another kin. Just the other night my regular raid group (same as Mjolnir's actually) had to call off a Saruman raid (had other wings cleared) because not enough people were on to fill the raid. Several other raid groups running the same night were in the same situation, so I'm sure there are raid groups out there looking to add more members to their lists.

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    Re: 75 guard looking to raid

    Guard would be nice for end game raid sent Tharisnor a tell or message in game.
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    Re: 75 guard looking to raid

    You're more than welcome to join Strayhold in our scheduled raids. Our signup page is located at http://kinship.strayhold.com/Events.php and we use it for all our raids. Most of the events are open to all Silverlode.

    Look forward to seeing you!



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