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    Can't find the Black Stones

    I am currently doing the Ritual Stones intro quest. I can't for the life of me find the black stones in Rockbelly Pit. I would think they would be fairly obvious, but I don't see them. Has anyone had the same problem and/or what am I doing wrong?

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    Re: Can't find the Black Stones

    Do you have the quest?

    Do you have floaty names on (hit 'n')?

    The first one is right in front of the entrance, here.
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    I seem to have the same problem. Can't find hem anywhere even though I took the quest and everything.

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    I have a friend that just started playing having this issue. I was in the pit with him (though I'd done the quest years ago), talked him through where they should be - made sure he had floaty names on. He still couldn't find them. Were there any other tricks or glitches that helped anyone else out?
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    I remember when I did that quest (forever ago) they were fairly obvious. It sounds like it may be a glitch. Try to cancel the quest then pick it up again, that might help.
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    In the options is a setting to turn on a 3-d compass to your target. It is basically a dotted line that points you toward your target. Enable this. Next, whenever you are unable to find something, mash delete key and it will target the item if it is in "range" (range varies some depending on what it is and where you are, but its pretty good distance). With these 2 things you can quickly locate and use quest items, though it can be frustrating if there are crafting nodes around (it targets those too). The U button saves clicking on tiny items, just hit it when you get close, also handy if the item is underground or something and not easily clicked.

    The above is extra useful if you do not use floating names, which I do not.
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