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    Crickits - Past, Present and Future

    HI everyone!

    In the past, Crickits has been an active casual raiding kinship. We have enjoyed many "Watcher Wednesdays" along with several OD raids. Included in that have been handfuls of full helegrod runs and countless 6-person runs across Middle Earth

    Presently, we have stepped into the shadows of Crickhollow. Many key members have gone inactive due to the realities of life and we've had some other people over on Brandywine doing PvMP for some time. I SAY IT'S TIME TO STEP OUT OF OUR SHADOWS!

    While its not our main focus, we would like to get back into raiding. We are currently seeking players of any level who are interested in laid-back end game activities. Our main focus towards raiding isnt necessarily all about beating the raid everytime, but about doing things together while having fun! (although the loot is quite nice!)

    Looking into the future, we are seeking mature players (most of our kin is 21+ with several players over the age of 45) who are looking to group up and run with each other. Most of our kin runs begin around 10pm EST but we are looking for more west coast-ers so we can run more stuff later in the evening. Personally, I am a late night east player who likes to run things after midnight

    So....if it sounds good to you, please feel free to contact any member of our kin and tell them you are interested in joining us in the fight against Saruman! You can also apply to the kin through our website www.crickitsofcrickhollow.guildlaunch.com

    Officers you can contact most times are:
    Ve (alts - Vae, Vexi)
    Ellowin (alts - Ellannore, Sneaker)
    Gerred (alts - Chances, Earlthepearl, Pennae)
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    *Ellannore - 75 Minstrel*.*Ellowin - 75 Hunter*.*Sneaker - 68 Burglar*
    *Adawinn - 75 Lore Master*.*Arrawin - 55 Captain*

    *Ellowin - 65 Hunter (retired)*.*Emmawin - 65 Minstrel (retired)*

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    Red face Re: Crickits - Past, Present and Future

    dude you forgot to add Thursday burglar raids and that we looking for more burgs!
    Our Chicken races! Obiusly we are looking for more chickens too!
    Beer Races! And Spider Raids wich we havent done for a wile but Im thinking of start doing it agein ones there wll be more freeps in moors.
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    Red face Re: Crickits - Past, Present and Future

    Im more then happy to anonce that our burglar school is open agein and we are recruting all burgs to our ranks. What we looking for? We are looking for all lvls mature and newby burgs (all matures have been newbys ones so dont tell me that evry one is mature player and Im asure you there is way more to learn about burgs that you might think you know) we are looking for players that usaly plays around 9-11 pm by est casual or hardcore dont rlly care. As long as you can follow derections and have a will to lead raids or be a part of one, learn your skill and share with athers or learn and giggle in shadows from newcomers. What we can ofer to the burgs? well teaming up with more burgs, kin chat talks about best burg items and how to get 1, burgs help burgs (deed runs and specific items) and ofcourse 1st places in our burgs only or 90% burgs raids that starts on Thursdays and casual days. Thank you for reading and you just been burgled.



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