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    AA (Altoholics Anonymous)

    Hi Everyone. My name is Booch and I'm an Altoholic.

    I find that I can't decide which of my characters I prefer to play, so I've been leveling up three of them simultaneously. I currently have a level 43 Dwarf Champion, 42 Elf Hunter and 34 Human Captain (with a level 22 Hobbit Minstrel in the mix also). I enjoy soloing and crafting, so they are an Armourer, Historian, Woodsman and Tinker, thus effectively covering all of the professions.

    I began playing LOTRO in June, and quickly decided to make the move from F2P to Premium with the purchase of the Isengard Pre-release (pretty horses...), which I then followed by subscribing to the game for one month. Ultimately I found that the rest XP was accelerating my characters leveling too much, so they weren't completing any Deeds before departing areas. My solution was to let the subscription expire (plus, I was planning on playing a little less in the fall anyway).

    With the "vast wealth" of Turbine Points I collected from the month of subscription and pre-release I have purchased most of the quest packs (just missing Enedwaith) so I'm leveling everyone up via different paths and places. Thus seeing more and more of the wonderful world of Middle Earth.

    My main concern is that with my Alt abuse problem, I might never get to a high enough level with any one character to see the content I bought in Isengard.

    Do I have a problem? Do other people share my problem?

    My intention is for this thread to be a place for Altoholics to come for support.

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    Re: AA (Altoholics Anonymous)

    Well I'm not on Vilya, but I do have a bit of an alt problem you could say since I've 11 alts. What I tend to do is focus on one alt for ten levels and then switch to another. Ten levels is where I found it began to get a bit tedious. Using this little method, I managed to level up one alt to 50, 3 to 40, 3 to 30, 2 to 20, and then I have 2 that I just started on.

    It may take a bit, but you'll get to Isengard

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    Re: AA (Altoholics Anonymous)

    Hi Booch,

    I to had/have a problem with Alts. Right now I have a 75 Warden(main), 75 Hunter(Main alt), 61 lm, 58 mini, 38 RK, 38 Guard(First toon I made), 36 Captian, and more lower toons. In total my brood on vilya = 10 toons. I have some more lower lvl toons on other servers but I woun't count them. Oh and I guess there are my 2 free accounts as well so I guess that brings my Vilya toon total up to 14 but I mainly made those toons so that I could get my own Kin house. So yeah you are not the only one :P

    The thing that worked for me to limit my Alting was to get into a kin that was doing the end game stuff. It gives you that desire to want to play with your friends and do the end game. it gives you the cool gear and helps you learn new ways to play your Main toon. It doesn't totaly eliminate the Alting but is sure slows it down. Another thing you could try is to get involved as a group leader for some of the lower end content. Get a group of people to do some of the instances with. Fornost is fun on or near level. You are also coming up on CD and URU 2 of my favorite 6 man instances. Give them a try

    Also getting hooked on one of the harder classes to play can make that bit of fun for you. I know that when I finally got hooked on my warden and memorized all the gambits I found it hard to put the class down. Try group content with your captain. Captains are always needed for the group due to all the buffs that they give and the healing they can do. As you have a Captain on the go already you may find it to be a lot of fun in a group.

    In the end though it is all about having fun and if you have more fun leveling alts then who is to say that is wrong. I know that in my Kin there is one person who has been playing for years and had 15 max level toons before Isen came out and he plans on getting them all to max level again.

    Hope some of that helps and I hope you have fun for many years to come.
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    Re: AA (Altoholics Anonymous)

    I'm slowly gathering more alts as well. I love to craft, so I've got an alt for each vocation, so that each one will be able to join a different crafting guild. I like the idea of leveling 10 levels per character, so I might start doing the same. That is to say... once the harvest festivities are over. Until then.... Not sure on which I'm gonna focus.

    Personally I'm not really worried about getting to new content anytime soon, since I'm playing free (with several accounts to cover my crafting alts), so I've got no quest packs yet. (I've got loads of "TP farming" character alts on other servers to reach my goals for that ).
    I do hope that someday I'll be able to level them all up to high levels, but that will take time. I keep telling myself (and usually I'm a strong believer of it), it's not necessarily the goal, but more the journey towards that goal that's important. And then the questing comes into play again with my TP farming alts..... It's way to tempting, but oh so much fun!

    ***********Takes the soapbox stand**********************
    Anyway, altoholic? Yes, much. Proud to announce it...... My Name is Shriya and I'm an Altoholic
    **Looks around**
    Oh,wait, this is the Anonymous group? Right, er.... Where's the..... Is there a non-anonymous group?
    ***********Steps of the soapbox stand and looks around for the closest exit*******

    Anyway...... Alts, keep them coming
    Oh, right, and I'm not from Vilya but from Nimrodel. Only noticed after posting this was the Vilya forum.
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    Re: AA (Altoholics Anonymous)

    I have one main that sees every part of all content. The alts however are spread across many levels covering every other class, crafting profession and crafting guild, lol. A few did get bottlenecked in their 30's, but that's something every altoholic deals with eventually as quests' distances start to widen. Definitely helps to be able to snag one within someone else's level range for groups, and keeps things fresh when you eventually need that change of scene.
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    Re: AA (Altoholics Anonymous)

    I am Rastlyn of Vilya and I have an alt addiction not just on Lotro bunt on WoW as well. I have 10 alts on WoW and 5 alts on Vilya. I love alts and I do not know why any thoughts (lol)
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    Re: AA (Altoholics Anonymous)

    I actually just posted on our kinship's forum about this, but the current content definitely puts us on alts. I'm maxed on Magnarr besides doing 12-mans.

    Alts away!
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    Leader, United Races (Vilya server)
    Cofounder and Leader, Vilya Alliance coalition of kinships
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    Re: AA (Altoholics Anonymous)

    Get worried when you feel like you could run a 12man raid by your own, using all your alts. Then you should really consider vacations..

    Meliaan, Luthieen, Tilionn, Liia. Any doubt? I'm a Tolkien fan.



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