I'm not given much to begging nor posting on the forums but I can keep silent no longer. Please can a little dev resource be given to adding a violin to the music system.

I wonder sometimes if you realise what a priceless USP you have in the music system. It is, as far as I know, pretty unique and is much loved by many of your customers. But it has the air of something introduced and then forgotten about and could do with some love (I could argue the same for housing and hobbies).

A great many of the tunes played by the bands and serious musicians is of Gaelic origin, usually traditional folk tunes, and these almost always use a violin (fiddle). It can be pretty hard substituting for this although some fantastic transcriptions are available.

I know you are busy with all the usual development work but perhaps a little resource could be used for this (and even housing one day); after all you don't need to keep fiddling with classes, we could all use a little stability there for a while.

If it is not possible or in your plans, I would appreciate you saying so, then we know to stop bothering you.

Thank you for listening.