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    Weird Phenomenon

    This has bugged me since I started playing music in LOTRO, but I have never actually discussed it with others to hear if their experience is different ...

    It seems to me that when you play, after choosing an instrument and entering music mode for the first time, the first note is always terribly off timing wise (terribly late that is!); it even seems like the first note delay happens independently for every sample in that instrument's sample set. It's easy to hear with the drum - first time you play the bass drum the sound from that one is late, then first time you play the rim that sound is late, etc. etc.

    This could be caused by several things, but my guess it that the LOTRO synth doesn't load (or cache) samples until they are played ...

    One way to counter this is to play a full 3 octave range scale on your chosen instrument before acutally attempting music on it, but that is not really the ideal solution we are looking for my precioussss ...

    Am I the only one experiencing this?

    % Play this to avoid sample load lag during actual play
    X: 1
    T: Warmup
    L: 1/8
    Q: 300
    K: C
    =C, ^C, =D, ^D, E, =F, ^F, =G, ^G, =A, ^A, B,
    =C ^C =D ^D E =F ^F =G ^G =A ^A B
    =c ^c =d ^d e =f ^f =g ^g =a ^a b
    b ^a =a ^g =g ^f =f e ^d =d ^c =c 
    B ^A =A ^G =G ^F =F E ^D =D ^C =C 
    B, ^A, =A, ^G, =G, ^F, =F, E, ^D, =D, ^C, =C,
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    Re: Weird Phenomenon

    Yes, I experience this same thing for years playing music in game. I always assumed the same as you that it has to do with LOTRO having to cache notes first, before they will play with the correct timing. I use to play a song twice in game when testing new files, just to make sure they really sounded correct. I also wrote a similar file with all the notes to be played before playing other files. It's a easy and fast fix to the problem.



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