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    For the people who always say its on the users end:

    1) Why is it that these problem used to not exist in LOTRO until around the time of Enedwaith/ROI. In other words, the people who are having problem on the lowest settings used to be able to run the game with no problem on the highest settings?

    2) Why is it that these people can run newer (and thus more graphics intensive) games (again, often on the highest settings) with no problems? It is only LOTRO where these problems arise.

    3) Why is it that #1 and #2 are experienced by people from different parts of the world, using all manner of different ISPs, connection types, OS, graphics cards, etc.?

    What other logical conclusion can be drawn other than that there is a real problem on Turbine's end? Would someone explain the flaw in this logic? Or if there is no flaw, explain what constructive purpose it serves to keep posting that it's all the user's fault in the face of incontrovertable evidence to the contrary.

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    I use the most simple option for me, reduce graphics the MOST impacting one for lagg is DirectX

    I used to play on DirectX10 on High, but lagg was always there.

    by going to DirectX9, I see no lagg and graphics are still on High, this gives me a boost in gameplay by far the best option if "Names", "Cloaks" and "Dispellable effects only me" don't work.

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    well, have you triend uninstalling the panda mediabooster? that takes alsoa bit of your bandwith
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    For me, I increased the Texture Cache Size from the default 0.3 (i think) to 0.8 at the moment, and have seen a huge improvement, although systems that have a low amount of RAM probably would not get the best out of this. Other settings are at Very High level and DX11, where I used to have to drop down to High or even Medium for raids. I have also disabled Specular Lighting, although I haven't really checked to see how much difference this makes.

    Where things had been really bad, most noticably with BfE Inferno, it is now very smooth.

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    So, I am getting severe lag when i raid. I get about 5 fps and on my screen people are still fighting when in fact they are done/moving on to the next group. I keep reading on the forums that I should lower my graphic settings. I just recently bought a new rig and I was hoping to run lotro on high settings no matter the situation. Is there anything someone can help me raid without having to ragequit every time I raid???

    My rig:

    MSI G series gaming mobo
    AMD FX-8320 8 core OC'd to 4.0 ghz
    gigabyte gtx 760 w/ 2Gb memory
    8 Gb RAM

    Any help would be appreciated!! Thanks

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    when I did some t1 OD runs, the fight vs. the balrog resulted in quite some lag.
    It was way better when the raid leader told us to target the balrog through the tank (with target forwarding).
    Not really a solution, but perhaps worth to try out.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Laetitia View Post
    Dont share your internets! sharing internets is fun! and anyone can do it these days having lots of computers online in your home... but sharing = LAG.

    You may say but I haz teh Fibre optics Internets! its the fastestest!!!
    Thank you.

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    I think, and this is just my speculation, so take it with a grain of salt, that the problem with raid lag now has everything to do with the trait tree revamp. Before the trait trees, there really weren't that many debuffs that you wold see on a boss, and these were applied really only by the support classes (maybe 1-2 rows of debuffs). When Turbine did the trait trees, they gave pretty much every class numerous debuffs that can be applied (usually by an RNG) to a boss, so the boss ends up with 15 rows of debuffs that have to be processed and whose icons have to be sent down to your client if you have the boss selected. The reason why I think this is that we tend not to see this kind of lag on instances that have lots of mobs (like Wound wing in OD), or if we enable skill target forwarding and don't select the boss. It seems as though Turbine didn't properly think through the performance impact of giving every single class tons of debuffs that could be applied to a single target.

    Is this speculation in line with other folks' experience? Do you get less lag on raids with multiple targets? Does skill-target forwarding work?
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    One thing that works ridiculously well is this...

    for dps classes, simply target through someone else (like the tank), your lag will reduce drastically. Against trash mobs they die too fast, but raid level bosses, works really well. No skill lag, smooth graphics. This won't work if you you target is changing their target all the time (healers).
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    The Skill forwarding trick is known.
    And is often used by Damage classes, or someone that is primary on the Boss and do not have to see the Bar.

    Second is to hide the cloaks, that is also allready known, but seldom used.

    Me has a good Internetconnection, my PC works well and i have seldom Packetloss.
    But if it happens to me, i call it lags, but is better to see them a micro lags. I had even 1% loss. Me sees the 0.1% Losses. Even this is annoying for me.
    But this is far on an other Level as my mates hat drops for 25%-30% for them it is unplayabel. Sometimes they get disconected.

    The Skilltree - I am not sure.

    Weather effects could i be, but the lags happen more often in Landscape while riding a warhorse.
    I am more effected by this as in Raids.
    But in Landscapes it doesnt matter (so much) as in a Raid.

    Me plays a Captain. As you spoke on the debuffs the Enemy get, i get in mind what happens to my Fellowship by me.
    In the UI you can divide between Buff and Debuff per Row.
    For my Friends i let show only self created and resolveable effects.
    I am not sure, but i think i create to them nearly a own row.

    On the Enemy i like to see all, sometimes it is really full of information.

    Maybe the UI Settings could at least lower the Lag.
    Would hear a feedback, if someone can try it, that has much Lags/Packetlosses.
    disable the non self created effects on Mosters and Fellows.

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    There are some things you can try collected here.


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