Aussieplayers is looking to recruit players interested in level 75 raiding.

What is Aussieplayers?

As a raid group, we aim to be one of the premier raid groups on the Imladris server and will strive to beat the current top tier raid content. We are a cross-kin group and accept players from any kin, although if you are actively raiding with Aussieplayers on a particular character then it is expected that you will not raid with another kin or raid group on that character in order to prevent issues with raid locks.

The main raid we have worked on as a group was Ost Dunhoth. We were a little late to the party due to just beginning to find our feet as a raid group, but ultimately were able to do a full T1 clear along with T2 clears of wound, disease HM and poison HM.

We are currently starting up on level 75 raids. You can see an outline of our RoI raiding plan here. We're still finalising our raid nights, but it will most likely be Sunday and Tusday nights (appx 8:30-11pm Melbourne/Sydney time).

You can find some more general information about Aussieplayers here.

Why do you want to join us?

Imladris is a great server, but it suffers a lack of organisation for end-game grouping content and the experience at the previous level cap was that a lot of people get frustrated once they reach end game because so few groups are able to hit the end game content. That's why we started this group. End game raiding is hard, especially on a new server with a lot of people new to the game and MMOs in general with F2P (I fall in both those categories), and a key thing that's required is organisation and preparation which is where Aussieplayers comes in. Even though we play at off-peak server times, we've been able to facilitate a pretty strong cross-kin raid group, giving players who can raid at Australian times an opportunity to enjoy and experience end game content with a friendly group of fellow players.

What we are looking for?

We have a number of players who've been involved with us throughout the Ost Dunhoth Raid who will obviously form the core of our level 75 group. However, we're looking to recruit a core, regular group of > 12 players to enable us to implement a rotation system and better cover for temporary absences, so there's slots for a number of classes available. We are particularly interested in burglars and a minstrel but are considering players of any class at this stage.

We are also looking for someone who knows how to gear, trait and play their class in a group environment. The group has now been raiding together for the better part of 6 months and is reasonably experienced. We looking to work towards T2 challenge modes of the whatever the hardest current raid in the game is and we aren't looking to babysit someone who's only ever done solo content and isn't prepared to gear their character appropriately. Obviously many people are only just hitting the level cap so we're all still gearing up, but people should at least have a willingness to seek out good crafted, rep and instance gear.

If you are interested in joining up then please contact Psychobabble, or Anthony/Nyssiel in game. Alternatively you can send an email to me - psychobabblelotro at