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    B.G.M Mini toolbar M - addon for my UI B.G.M series.

    I have finished my Mini toolbar project.

    You can follow my progress report here:

    This was a long over due but now that we got the new skin pack from Narrel,I can continue on skinning my UI's.

    So the first release is my mini toolbar for those that have wanted for long time to use with my Ui.

    This version can be used for B.G.M v4.3 and v5.0(when available).

    Your probably asking your self, why is this V1.0? and what M stands for?

    Didn't you already have a mini mod out there?

    Answers is yes I had a mini toolbar mod but that mod only made the buttons invisible but was still active.

    You couldn't put quickslot bars side of the main bar cause you accidentally would push the menu buttons.

    This mod get rid of those buttons entirely,so now you can actually put quickslots on the side of the main bar
    with out worry about hitting the menu buttons.

    So this why is version 1,since its brand new with new codes that are brought from RoI.

    The M stands for Movable version of my mini toolbar and to separate this version from my other mini toolbar version.

    Basically if you know how to modify the codes you can move the main bar either side of your screen,so its (M)ovable unlike my other mods.

    There's two buttons on the main bar,the main menu button is located left side of the xp bar.

    "One button to rule them all and bind them"

    That button rules all the menu buttons,you can access everything from it from char sheets,wallets,skirmishes etc etc.

    On the right side of the xp bar is the store button for those like spending on the Turbine store for quick access.

    Look at the pic.

    Each folder steps will contain instructions for each steps,please read everything.

    Using this mod has a side effect,a known bug that has plaque us from the start.

    When you play the game in full screen and change the resolution to a different size or windows mode,
    the main toolbar will be out of place from the current position.

    To fix this you will have to relog the game.

    This is out of my control,there's really nothing to prevent this happening.

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    Re: B.G.M Mini toolbar M - addon for my UI B.G.M series.

    Glad you're still working on your UI stuffs. Will be happy when I can update Green

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    Re: B.G.M Mini toolbar M - addon for my UI B.G.M series.

    Thanks,yeah currently working on the blue.

    Once the blue is finish the rest should be easy and quickly to update.



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