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    Popular server for musicians?

    What server are most musicians on, or what do you suggest? I really want to start a band.

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    Re: Popular server for musicians?

    Judging by the entries for Weatherstock 2011 (you might want to google that) it's Landroval by a large margin, with Laurelin and Crickhollow also having a decent music scene. That all makes sense as those are all known to be RP heavy servers.

    That being said, if you ever come to Arkenstone look me up. I really need to bug more of my kin minnies to mentor me in a few more instruments.

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    Re: Popular server for musicians?

    I'd say Landroval and Laurelin are about equal and have a good number of bands and general musicians. I don't have any experience with Crickhollow.

    But I'd suggest started up a band on a server that doesn't already have several. Or join one of the already established bands.

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    Re: Popular server for musicians?

    Elendilmir is no slouch in the music department either.

    wherever folks gather you almost always will hear someone or some group playing.

    and then of course we have the talented kin decoboco whose concerts are something truly wonderful to behold.



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