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    ROI The Quest Pack

    Does anyone else feel like they just bought an overpriced quest pack?

    Viva Lotro!

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    Re: ROI The Quest Pack

    I bought the whole expansion (the deluxe fancypack) and I think it was worth every cent of it. EVERY. CENT. !

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    Re: ROI The Quest Pack

    I preordered the 30 $ version when the instances kick in it will be worth the money until then no

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    Re: ROI The Quest Pack


    As someone who has never played an MMO at a time of an expansion release it feels just fine. I've also never before had a subscription to an MMO and I greatly appreciate LOTRO's business model in which I can pay as little or as much as I want. I've played for a year and have spent maybe $100 (which has afforded me ROI, MoM, Mirkwood, lonelands-before it was free, evendim, and one month sub, with plenty of TP left to spend)?

    LOTRO has released significant update packs of course. For the price and the entertainment, I'm perfectly happy. I'm enjoying Dunland.

    Are there improvements and features I want? Of course. If their delay or non-development ever somehow takes away from my enjoyment, I can always stop playing.

    MoM and Mirkwood didn't feel markedly different than quest packs for me either, since whatever features they brought were already part of what I knew of LOTRO. And their price was not really less than ROI, unless you found a bargain in which case stop whining.

    So to put it succintly again, as I am less apt to do once I start typing...heretofor something something....


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    Re: ROI The Quest Pack

    I got the $49.99 deal, which I don't think is too much... this is because I've been playing for just over a year, and had only previously spent $7.99 for a TP bundle... and given that I had payed around $50 each in the past for #### games, I'd say this money is well worth it... the main thing is the expansion region, but the little things like the cosmetics, xp gain item, 3 QPs I did not have previously (Moria, Mirkwood, Lothlorien), and 1000TPs made the deal all the more sufficient...
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