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    Mount quest eogar letter

    I recently was using a thistle to call a horse. The thistle ran out and I received a letter from Eogar saying he had an offer I couldnt refuse. I get out there and skipped what he said what exactly was it that he said and how do i get a horse or a thistle back?

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    Re: Mount quest eogar letter

    To get a permanent horse and not just a time limited whistle, you have to buy it from one of his farmhands.
    The first horse will cost you 500s. You'll also need to get the riding skill to ride the horse. If you're VIP, you can get a quest at lv20 which grants you the skill on completion. Or you can just buy it from the LOTRO store for 95 TPs.

    Whistles can also be bought from the LOTRO store if you want to, but all of them have a time limit.

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    Re: Mount quest eogar letter

    Also VIPS can buy a starter mount (132% no riding skill required) for 200 silver while they reach 20
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    Re: Mount quest eogar letter

    You can buy the riding skill (95 tp in the lotro store) at any level. This means that you dont have to be lvl 20 to get a mount. All you need is 95tp and 500s to buy a horse at Hengstacer Farm. There are no free horses anymore after the whistle. Buying the riding skill for only 95 is the best value. those whistles in the store are just a waste of tp



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