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    So when the bugs get worked out..what will the new additions to LUA do?

    So once the current big bug gets squashed and people can really start working on new additions ro existing plugins(and/or create new ones) I'm curious what the additions to LUA are going to allow. We've all seen the trend of what the current 'flavor of the week' is with one bag, potion selection, etc etc.

    I'm not really sure what the update brought in terms of functionality so I'm wondering what the next set of plugins is going to bring to the table. Any authors have any ideas on what they are/will be working on?
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    Re: So when the bugs get worked out..what will the new additions to LUA do?

    Lesse... I've redone my warden's gambit bar, so it's in the same form as my fervor, focus, and attuement bars (colored semi-transparent squares, removed the square holding the actual gambit and the gambit name). I also hacked in something to track what I've got in battle memory - hopefully there'll be actual API support for that at some point in time.

    I've updated my skill usage tracker to take advantage of the combat log - it's a bit more accurate about identifying when a skill goes off, and it'll automatically pick up the power costs, so it can track skill usages via that, as well. That lets me track skill cooldowns and provides events for my CC timer.

    For the most part, the new additions have allowed me to do some upgrades to my UI, but nothing new.

    New things that are possible:

    1) The warden gambit builder should be possible now (enter a gambit, it pops up shortcuts with the correct next builder to use under your mouse cursor, until the gambit's ready to execute) - between the gambit information and the combat log, you can track what you've built, whether the next builder hit, and the cooldowns on the builders.

    2) Party display - we can more or less do this (I say more or less, because there doesn't seem to be any sort of temporary morale support at the moment - you can again track it yourself on yourself, since you get your own temporary morale loss messages, but I don't think you can do this for party members. Also, there's no pets.) - not sure if we'll see all that much development here, until everything's in place in the API.

    3) Healbot - I think they've given us enough of an API to write one (party member morale, party member selection, and we've already got skill shortcuts) - not quite automatic, but it should be possible to write something to automatically pop up a selection for the party member most in need of healing (ignoring temporary morale), and then after it's clicked, pop up a shortcut to a healing skill.

    ...I'm a bit ambivalent about the increasing possibilities for automation.



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