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    Quest: Taking a Stand

    I finally got through this, the time was up, & it never ended. Waves kept coming, so I finally just died to get out of there. Is this one bugged?

    ok, nvm - horse...

    /facepalm at self
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    Re: Quest: Taking a Stand

    What I'm curious about this quest is is it possible to actually keep the NPC's alive during the whole timer? Or are they pretty much supposed to die? Didn't have much luck on the minstrel and ended up just kiting around the Dunlendings for five minutes after everyone got killed. But I'm wondering if it's doable on, say, a guardian or warden?
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    Re: Quest: Taking a Stand

    i like how this quest says it can be duo'd but i gather only if you both have the quest?.....really? i mean why bother?
    also the rohan npc's are about as tough as littler girls. did the writer of this quest even try playing it?
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    Thumbs down Re: Quest: Taking a Stand

    I've heard that the idea is that you're supposed to 'keep all the enemy (mobs) together'. Well, as a 71LM, the NPC's are somehow popping aggro from the far ends of the movable map (WELL beyond sight range!!!), so how on earth am I supposed to get aggro and keep them together. Not happenin'.

    This quest is worse than herding chickens, it's monkey mania with each NPC randomly moving everywhere, for no apparent reason, fighting 1-3 NPCs by themselves, and so that all the 'good' NPCs are dead before the time is even at half, and being an LM against 4 12k Sig and 2 regular enemies -- btw, the Sig's are immune to mezzing/CC, so I'm wormfood in (at best 30seconds) .. and that's with +5Hope, all foods, maxed Traits, Cappie buffs, etc, running.

    HUGE thumbs down to the devs on this one. Sorry guys. So far, RoI's been great, but this quest is simply psycho. I can only imagine how much worse it will turn into beyond this point.

    PLEASE balance it out.
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    Re: Quest: Taking a Stand

    Just completed it with a trick as a hunter. Unless you go with a duo, or have good ICMR or self-heal to kite, or all the mobs are Normal and fix the arrgo range of the NPC Rangers, I think it is pretty much unsoloable.

    The trick I has used:

    If you has any stealth skill (Hunter with Camouflage/Burglar with Stealth/any class in elf-race with Silvan Shadow), just run up to the hill directly from where you start, and use the skill. Then wait when time run out while letting the Rangers all die, go back to the Scout Camp to return the quest. Done.

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    Re: Quest: Taking a Stand

    Was able to duo it as a Hunter, with my RK kinnie full-healing me.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Hetweith View Post
    i like how this quest says it can be duo'd but i gather only if you both have the quest?.....really? i mean why bother?
    also the rohan npc's are about as tough as littler girls. did the writer of this quest even try playing it?
    The LOTRO devs are the worst devs in the history of MMO gaming at designing content that is fair and balanced. The people who designed this garbage ought to quit the gaming industry and do something more appropriate to their skills... like sweeping sewers or something. Many of their quests suck and are near impossible to solo.
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    I did it on my mini , healing traited , all npcs alive and wasn't too bad either. Then again, she'd been at the level cap for the past two years, grinding out 6 man and 3 man content while i tried to make a tank-healer. I dont remember the particulars but you want the trait that makes bolster courage uninterruptable, the one that boosts your armour (you will get agro healing the npcs) and i can't remember if there's still a trait that raises your incoming heal rating after herald's strike, but if so i'd use it. She had physical mitigation at the cap thanks to innocence and zeal and stalwart guardian songbook title, was using the level 65 robe of gloaming (damage absorb proc) and the specialist's shoes, trousers (skirmish vendor, very costly in skrimish marks, - heal on damage proc), a level 53 quest reward shield that has a damage absorb proc, and level 65 gloves of gloaming converted from medium to light armour when the patch that removed our medium armour passive went live.

    a few things i think -

    1) trying to kill them is hopeless, the faster you kill them the sooner they respawn, you'll never be out of combat long enough to recover. Healing is better if your class can do it.

    2) non healing, non tanking classes will just have to exploit

    3) characters with endgame gear from previous level cap faceroll pretty much any quest. People who've levelled straight up and are using quest rewards will find it really hard.

    Perhaps there should be multiple versions of challenging quests, to suit different classes, and also harder difficulty versions (rewarding more xp, or coin) for twinked toons.
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    Thank you

    This thread made me feel NOT crazy about dying with my LM so many times.

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    Re: Quest: Taking a Stand

    I got through it (after doing it twice & being too dim to realize you get out via horse) My trouble with it now is that you can't help someone else with it. It would be nice if this was repeatable or something like that - a reflection pool type quest.

    I did it when it was orange, and it was VERY hard. (on my rune keeper) I tried healing some, which failed, since the Rohirrim guys just run off on their own too often. I finally just did as much damage as I could, as fast as I could, & that worked. I'm terrified to do it on my hunter though. (My son breezed through on a guardian tank, of course, & explained to us why it was easy....)

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    Re: Quest: Taking a Stand

    This one was a piece of cake on my champ, didn't lose a single Rohirrim, but I can imagine it would be nasty on a light armor class.

    One of the keys I found is to keep your allies grouped up. When they get split fighting separate mobs they are more vulnerable. I would grab aggro on one mob and pull it to the other fight location, bringing my allies together. Also, keep pulling your allies back to the center as much as possible. That way, when you defeat a mob, you will get a few extra seconds of ocmr which is huge for you and your allies.

    When I run on my hunter I expect I will have to circle kite a fair amount letting my allies wear down mobs I am kiting.

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    Re: Quest: Taking a Stand

    As a warden and after 2 fails at lvl 71, I managed to complete it (all alive) taking the agro "one by one" with precise blow, melee the archers asap, and helping the lonely rangers taking the mob back to the group.
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    Re: Quest: Taking a Stand

    yea this is another one of the many poorly designed quests sprinkled throughout this expansion, it's really an "unwinnable" design where at the end you have to not aggro or you won't last long enough.

    Much like the book quest w/ the boar clan warriors at the end you have to ride out on a horse (note you can be getting pounded by extraneous aggro) and you have one shot to figure it all out on the fly.

    If turbine is paying more than minimum wage for this program design they are getting ripped off.
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    Re: Quest: Taking a Stand

    My issue is the unbelievable AI of the Eorlings, it's like the only enemy they can successfully dispatch is the first spawn, after that they primarily attack any new spawn instead of finishing the one in front of them and their attack speed gets very slow.

    After several tries I just gave up, ran up the northern slope and waited for the timer.
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