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    Quote Originally Posted by RLhunterman View Post
    Since this thread is about names, where's a good place to learn more about naming in Middle Earth? I'd like to try out some RP on Laurelin, so I'd like to find out more about names.
    If you want to know about Elven naming, I can supply a few links:

    Here's a flowchart for whether to use Quenya/Sindarin name. Check the links below the chart, they'll lead you to a few generators I use almost always when making a new character.

    Here's a PDF if you want to read from Tolkien himself. Here is a somewhat condensed version from the previous.

    I only have limited (and very poor) knowledge on naming conserning the other races but the in-game character creation offers some insight. Dale-men seem to have a bit Scandinavian names and the Rohirrim, in turn, somewhat Anglo-Saxon names. The Dúnedain (the men of Gondor and the Rangers of the North) have Sindarin names. Bree-landers are more akin to the Dunlendings than the Rangers but use, at least in-game, kind of English names and have surnames related to plants etc.

    I recall that Dwarves used the language the local Men spoke. I do not know if Dwarves used names in a same way but at least they did not publically use their Khudzul names. The names of Thorin's company Tolkien took from Edda and since they were from near Dale/Lake-town one could assume that the Men there had similar names. The dwarves of Ered Luin were at least partly refugees from the Mountain and likely followed their ancestors' naming conventions.

    I really don't know about Hobbits. Again, I'd use the in-game instructions. But I hope that this was even a little help. =)

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    Lyrabel - I changed it from Lyrabelacqua!

    She's my Lore-Master.

    If you have ever read the book Northern Lights, you'll understand that when I took my 1st toon, a guardian, to Forochel, and saw the lights in the sky, I just felt i HAD to roll a Lore-Master.

    The main char in the book is a little girl called Lyra Belacqua who has a 'daemon' pet called Pantalaimon who regularly takes the form of a lynx/wildcat (Daemons are shapeshifting, closely attached companions and everyone in this world has one - they describe not having one as 'Like seeing someone running around without their head' or something of that sort.) They end up travelling to 'The North' which is basically how Forochel/The North Pole would probably look, and the 'Northern Lights' or 'Aurora' as they call it, is there in the sky...

    So one levelled lore-master and her lynx (named Pantalaimon) later, standing in Forochel, I feel right at home!

    Scarletstarr - Guardian
    Crystalstarr - Hunter

    Both of these came from my preferred username everywhere i create one, violet-starr. Scarlet became my favorite name somewhere down the line and so i started using that one instead. Crystal was just a variation i thought up, neither of these I like anymore though.

    I have a champ called Rayyne too, recently rolled. I think one day when ive enough tp to waste, i will try changing her name to something better suited to a champ and set my hunters name to Rayyne instead. Rayyne came from another favorite name of mine, Rayne. For a hunter I think this suits. Lyrabel is my only toon that has a name with a deeper meaning than that.
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    Rather than double-posting ...


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