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    Wink Re: what is your game name and what does it mean/why did you choose it?

    My Main Character is Winterwolf Wolfheart, which is a name that i have been using on loads of games and stories, but in LOTRO it has developed its richest background. I made it up about seven to eight years ago when i started doing roleplaying and roleplaying games, it was devised because part of my last name is winter and wolves are my favorite animal.

    My two alts on LOTRO are Sorrowhawk Wolfheart, Winter's Sister and Taerion Greyfang and Dunadan Ranger/Scholar who joins the guards of the Citadel in Gondor.
    Sorrowhawk was designed arround using hawk as a name and sorrow just seemed to fit well, Taerion was orriginaly going to be Tarion a romanesque name but had to be changed to Taerion as it seemed someone had already taken it (i think it's better now anyway) and Greyfang was something i always wanted to have for the human character i was going to make since Winter and Sorrow are both elves.

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    Smile Re: what is your game name and what does it mean/why did you choose it?

    Ilcalien - An Elf of Noldorin descent, she prefers to use this Quenya name, although she does have a Sindarin version. "Ilcalien" is derived from the Quenya noun "Ilca" - "glimmer of light."

    Maerilin - A far older elf from Lorien, Maerilin has had several names over the years, but her current name reflects what she feels to be her calling at this time in Middle-earth. "Maerilin" is a variant spelling of the Sindarin "Merilin," meaning "nightengale." Its literal translation as "dark-singer" embodies her desire to sing hope into the lives of those she meets, however dark the circumstance.

    Tiruviel Tinuvere- This one is an anomaly. It belongs to a woman of Gondor who was originally given the name to 'match' that of her twin brother. I have since 'decided' that it is derived from the Quenya root 'Tir-' meaning "to watch." My excuse for the less-than-perfect grammatical construction of the name is that her parents, being very little concerned with ancient history in which their family was not involved, didn't care much about the grammar of it either.

    Gwilim Dail - Belonging to my Hobbit from Maur Tulhau, this name is appropriately Welsh lock, stock, and barrel. "Gwilim" is a Welsh variant of "William" (itself a suitably old and non-Biblical name) and "Dail" merely means "leaf."

    Burbank Reed - A Bree-lander through and through, Burbank was named after the plant, not the city in California. I picked his last name both because it's suitably Bree-ish and because, IC, he is the 12-year-old son of Harlan Reed, the NPC bowyer in the weaponsmith's shop. Stop by and say hi to him sometime.

    Taddeus Hayton - Tad Hayton is probably of Bree stock originally, though his family farmed the North Downs for more generations than he cares to count (which is to say, more than he can count on one hand). I pulled his name and character both completely out of the blue, so they have no particular significance beyond sounding like the character! "Tad," of course, was unavailable, so I went for "Taddeus" as a sensible long version of his typical moniker.

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    Re: what is your game name and what does it mean/why did you choose it?

    I started the game with a dwarf. I was thinking of a name and as I am a big fan of Gollum I decided to have that name. Sadly the gmae wouldn't let me so I thought of a variation. I came up with Gollumaddict (named so because I imitate him a lot). Played a while and decided I didn't like the guadian class becausse it was too hard for me. I made a man hunter switching to him as my main and name him Gollumaddicttwo. So now I have made my own trademark of Gollumaddict names. I will continue to use them fro my alts.

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    Re: what is your game name and what does it mean/why did you choose it?

    Stormfrost.. Just because I found it really cool

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    Re: what is your game name and what does it mean/why did you choose it?

    Rossiel (rain-maiden) was more or less the result of having my nose stuck in the appendix of the Silmarillion when trying to choose a name.

    In hindsight, Mirkwood mightn't've been the best choice of place-of-origin for a Minstrel, and I've been up to my neck in the lore trying to figure out a way to reconcile this, but I suppose it doesn't matter as much since I'm on a non-RP server.

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    Re: what is your game name and what does it mean/why did you choose it?

    First character and my main is a female Rohirrim captain named Vulfen (meaning 'wolf-like'). It sounds suitably nordic (for a Rohirrim), and signaled my quirky nature as a captain (nominally a support class) that equally happy to solo (i.e., 'lone wolf'). RP-wise, she has a captain's rank and background, but a loner's nature that lead her well beyond the plains of Rohan.

    The rest of my character names all turn on my rl name which in very old English/Celtic roughly translates as 'ferny clearing in a forest', and unsurprisingly transliterates fairly easily to Fae (meaning 'faerie'). Thus my second character is named Faerlie (basically the direct 'faerie' version on my rl name), a male elf hunter - from the Lady's golden forest.

    In following order:
    Faesti: a 'feisty' dwarven minstrel, he may be a muso, but give him a beer and he'll happily start a fight, and he's ever-ready to smash Sauron's hoard.

    Faerdlie: a hobbit male burg, who likes folks to think he's a small and insignificant 'fraidy-cat' (the '-lie' functioning as a kind of diminutive version of 'afraid'), while he carefully awaits the moment to lift their purse.

    Faemli: a dwarf guard; he may be short (diminutive '-li'), but he eagerly desires to earn 'fame' for his stalwartness against overwhelmingly large foes.

    Faetlarm: a dwarf champ, with a weapon-arm that's 'fatal' to his foes, who are known to spread the 'alarm' at the rumour of his approach.

    Faeven: a female elven rk, also from the Lady's wood. The '-ven' functions as a diminutive of 'fae', simply denoting/emphasizing her elven nature. At first kept as a menial house-keeper by her (account) fellows who mistrusted the strange ways of lorebreakers... she has finally been allowed to roam now that the group has sold their house in Thorin's Halls to live on the roads and bring their collective force closer towards Mordor.

    Faerlass: a hobbit-lass warden, a 'fearless lass' in the face over overwhelming numbers of opponents.

    Faemon: a male ('-mon') human, a friend of nature (an LM), and thus a friend of the Fae (Faery).
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    Re: what is your game name and what does it mean/why did you choose it?

    Elloen Furinmir: Elf LM of Rivendell, originally a Noldo born in Eregion. Name translates "there is victory", where last name adds "in the hidden gem", which in his case is knowledge.

    Elvealin Loriluin: Elf minstrel of Lórien. Cousin of Elloen, and thus also a Noldo. Her name translates "starlike song" where last name adds "from blue shimmering dream". Her background story explains how she was named thus - her father saw such dream when he found out his wife was pregnant.

    Artewen Hunuin: Woman captain, meant to be a Dúnadan of Gondor. Name is Sindarin in their traditions, and means "maid of noble sign" where last name adds "from heart".

    Leomona Steorra: "Moonlight star" in rohirric. Sounds a bit tacky in translation, and even she (the character who is a hunter) thinks like that of her own name! But there's a background story to explain in none the less.

    Glimar Axen: "Glimar" I tried to make to sound a bit like icelandic, since the public dwarf names are based on the language. "Axen" is supposed to sound a bit like "action", so it's pun for a last name, but meant apt for a champion (and for a dwarf).

    Emerilla Bloomer: Female hobbit warden. Her name is pretty traditional in hobbit ways, derived from the gem emerald which refers to her eye color - and so is her last name.

    These all are in Laurelin [EN-RP].
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    Re: what is your game name and what does it mean/why did you choose it?

    Razo Mossyfoot of of Stoor from Willowbottom:

    Willowbottom in a hobbit town in the south-east edge of the Shire, in the marshland of the Marish (East Shire). Therefore I wanted family name that has something to do with marsh, bog, or swampy land, and I figured Mossyfoot sounds better than Swampyfoot.

    Razo is an actual old Frankish name that i found in a historical document online. It's got the Frankish origin that upper-class hobbits favours (ie. Ascaric, Peregrin, Meriadoc), and the 2 syllable + -o ending name that the lower class hobbits favours (Bungo, Mundo, Otto). This makes Razo the perfect versatile hobbit name of upper-class landowner/lower-class labourer alike.

    My dwarves are all taken from old nordic names datebase (Frodhe, Radormr, Starkad), race of Man are all from Dale or Bree with welsh name (Eurig, Iolo, Gruffud, Eogan) since there are quite a lot of Breelander npc with welsh names in-game for some reason. Elves have proper sindarin nichname such as Ioldor or Dinennon. (Elves don't always reveal their real name to outsiders, choosing to go by a travelling name or nickname, or they adapt the meaning of their name to the language of the race they encounters)
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    Re: what is your game name and what does it mean/why did you choose it?

    Quote Originally Posted by Mistwood View Post
    (Elves don't always reveal their real name to outsiders, choosing to go by a travelling name or nickname, or they adapt the meaning of their name to the language of the race they encounters)
    Sorry, but where did you get that from? Any name an Elf had was a 'real' name - it's not as if the name(s) their parents gave them were any more 'real' than any name they later chose for themselves or were given by others. Nor were they in the general habit of adapting their names to suit the languages of others (the exception being how the Noldor had taken to using Sindarin versions of their names during the First Age), or adopting nicknames in other languages, or using 'travelling' names.

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    Re: what is your game name and what does it mean/why did you choose it?

    Cysan: A character from my book, I alter him for every roleplay i partake in. I am coming to Landroval. You have been warned. He is one of the oldest Elves alive, He is dedicated to the progression and aid of Mankind. He lost his love of his life long ago to the first war with Sauron, and has been devestated ever since, vowing to claim vengence off of anyone who serves the Dark Lord.

    (Still working on getting a username but) Chance (McCloud, if you count surname): after the Burgalar class, However it mainly comes from Poker and Dice, the "Chance" of winning. He is extremely loyal to Cysan, unto his undoing, He has a large Greatsword on his back, possibly a

    (name unknown, I don't really care what user he has) TheCreator: An Elf, hidden away for countless years, He is one of the few remaining with knowledge of Ringlore, And is hunted by Sauron and his dark minions. (Still working out the cans and cannots of ringlore, but the character himself plays a vital role in the relations of my characters)

    a few others who could not post for reasons i know not, will also be joining me in this. Their Characters are...
    Friends Characters:

    Yaruno: Unknown why he named it this, Yaruno is a Master Thief and Seducer of women, but is somewhat afraid of elves (last i checked) due to a "minor misconception" that ended in him being banned from Rivendell. He holds a carefree attitude, but also keeps buried away secrets of some past. He holds 2 enchanted daggers that cause pain and illusions to the victim. (if that's even legitimate, Though I doubt he's gonna give up his signature daggers of every rp he's been to easily...)

    ...i will pull out the rest later.

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    Re: what is your game name and what does it mean/why did you choose it?

    Hadoriel is basically just a translation of my last name, Rogers
    'Rogers' means something along the lines of 'Brave Spear-Thrower' (I like the meaning a whole lot better than my first name lol)
    So, 'Hador' is 'spear-thrower' in Sindarin, with an 'iel' ending to make it seem more like a last name being 'daughter of' and all

    I kinda freaked out when I realized an NPC shared my name XD

    When I finally make an alt, I'll probably translate my middle name or something
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    Tourmalien Bracegirdle- Tourmalines are black in color sometimes, like her hair. I tried spelling it normally, but it was taken. Bracegirdle just seemed like an amazing last name and the Bracegirdles facinated me.

    Isenhir- A mix of Rohirric for 'iron' and Sindarin for 'lord'.

    Katheriine Thistleknott- A name I liked. Her last name comes from Kronin Thistleknott in Dragonlance. It sounded very Bree-like.


    Belegluva Celebisil- Quenya for 'stong bow', she's an elven hunter. It only made sense. Her last name is Sindarin for 'silver moon'.

    Jasla- A character in the Dragonlance series.

    Oswyna- Name generator. Sounded like a cool name, though probably not very Gondorian.


    Tassolahoff Burrfoott- A feminine version of Tasslehoff Burrfoot from Dragonlance.

    Maquesta- A sailor in Dragonlance. I added her elven named has Edhelwyn, meaning 'elf maiden'.

    Dayflower Brownlock-A flower a found in a hand book, fitting for her, since the flower is pale and so are her eyes. Just liked the last name.

    I've got various characters throughout other servers, no one of importance though.

    ~Tourmalien Bracegirdle
    Tourmalien Bracegirdle
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    Thread is a little old, but I just read through it with great fascination, so I thought I'd chime in anyway.

    I roll and reroll and delete and remake and restart characters continuously. I think creating characters is my favorite part of the game... so I have a million names, past, present and future. I guess I'm just going to throw out a couple (dozen or so) of names.

    My two primary playing characters are both Women.

    My Minstrel, from Bree, is Theodosia Redwing. Theodosia, I know has the dreaded "theos" element from greek (meaning god), but I still like the sound of it, find it homey and Breeish, and it wasn't taken. Redwing is Breeish also, and it's a private homage to Dag Redwing Hickory, a character from Lois McMaster Bujold's fantasy books (love her!).

    My Captain, from Rohan, is Cynleafe Truespear. Cyn-/Cyne- is a prefix in plenty of Old English names, but since I couldn't find anything I liked to go with it (Cyneburgha? Ugh!) I went with something pretty and not totally inappropriate looking: "Leafe". Truespear is a family name, her father is a spearmaker.

    My secondary characters are

    My Runekeeper, an Elf from Rivendell, is Gilmaraen Calenlad.My Sindarin is imperfect at best, but Gilmaraen is from "gil" (star) + "bar" (home) + "raen" (crooked). Tolkien takes a LOT of poetic license with his translations sometimes... Gilraen, Aragorn's mother's name, is translated "Wandering Star"... Gilmaraen takes inspiration from that and is "Star (from) home wandering" or "Runaway Star". Calenlad is Green-Valley... a reference to her home in Rivendell.

    My (original) hunter, a Woman from Rohan, is Iswyn Auriksdottir. Iswyn was my very very first character, that I rolled in my free trial. So I called her Iswyn because it was a name I had used in Rohirrim RP earlier, so I carried it over. If it has a meaning, I don't know what it is. Auriksdottir, of course, implies that her father's name is Aurik.

    My (second) hunter, an Elf from Mirkwood, is Melraegil Rhysgelin. TBH, I just slapped together "Melraegil" without thinking about it because I intended her to be a throwaway toon, I don't really know why she stuck. So when I was left to piece together a meaning for it, the best I could come up with was "Mel" (dear) + "raen" (netted or enlaced) + "gil" (star) = Dear Net of Stars = Favorite Constellation. I grew to like it after I cobbled together that meaning. Rhysgelin was painstakingly assembled and I have no idea if I got it right, like I said, my Sindarin is far from perfect. It SHOULD translate to "Green Rains" from "rhoss" + "calen".

    Other Characters I don't play much but whose names I love are:

    Andsaerel (Sindarin, Long Bitterness) - an Elf Warden from Lorien

    Dagmer (Anglo-Saxon, Day-Maid) - a Captain from Dale (and another homage to Dag Redwing Hickory... what can I say, I love him. Theodosia also has a horse called Dag...)

    Hannabell (English!) - a Fallohide Burglar

    Merilinith (Sindarin, Nightingale-Sister) - an Elf Minstrel from Lindon

    Coliavas (Sindarin, Red/Gold-Autumn) - an Elf Champion from Mirkwood

    I have too many characters! Ahhh!
    Cynleafe Truespear, Grandmaster Cook. Theodosia Redwing, Grandmaster Woodworker.

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    Quote Originally Posted by WindTamer View Post
    Talventus; Elf Lormaster; Gladden: I was listening to this epic song from which I'll impart a line: "I am the voice in wind and the pouring rain...The dance of the leaves when the Autumn winds blow".
    I know that song! It IS epic - Especially with Celtic Woman (in my opinion). By the way, if anyone is curious, the song is called "The Voice". If you look it up on Youtube, I bet you'd like it too ;-)

    Anyways, back to the subject of this thread...

    My main character is called "Celestwing". She's an Elf Hunter. I know the name isn't very elvish, but unlike most other elves (I think) she's always been on good standing with humans (she's from Mirkwood by the way, if anyone was wondering) and so was her parents (she's pretty young for an elf) so that's why I chose a more... human sounding name (although it doesn't really fit into the world of Middle Earth, it does fit into how much religion meant to J.R.R. Tolkien) ^_^''

    My other characters are called Ealionora (female Hobbit Burglar) and Glorfinras Leafsinger (Elf Minstrel from Lórien)... Ealionora I thought off when I considered the eleanor flower (I think it's called something like that at least ^_^'') and Glorfinras is because I love Glorfindel and wanted a name that sounded somewhat like that.

    I haven't checked the meaning of it anywhere though ^_^'' Leafsinger I came up with mainly because he's a Minstrel, but also because I picture him as someone who loves to wander in a forest and sing to nothing but the trees and himself (and treesinger just didn't sound as good in my head^_^''). "Leafsinger" is also a direct translation of the Danish word "Løvsanger" which is a songbird with a beautiful voice (and which is also one of the most common birds in Denmark) (^_^)
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    Smile Leofheort

    I chose this name for my character from Dale. It has Norse influence and means Beloved Heart. In her character bio she is the only child of a couple. A father who wished for a son and a mother who cherishes a daughter. The father indulged her need for adventure while the mother tried to tether her to home. Sound like a recent animated movie? Brave, anyone? Although, in fairness, I had written up her bio long before the movie or its trailer released.

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    Arathaert - Man, Guardian - this is really the only character I play. The "Ara" is a nod to Aragorn, Arathorn, etc. And the "haert" is from an ancient Celtic form of my last name, Hart. It's not exactly correct, but "Arathairt" just doesn't look right.

    Belegohtar - Elf, Lore-Master - This name literally means "mighty warrior" in Sindarin. (I think.) I'm surprised this one wasn't taken.

    Isendin - Hobbit, Burglar - The "Isen" is a common Took name prefix and "din" comes from Sindarin for "stealthy." Perfect for a burglar!
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    Sceleratur is Latin for villain.

    Then I just gave it a form that sounds and looks fantasy-ish.

    It also rolls off the tongue nicely like elven names tend to.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Athelia View Post
    I know that song! It IS epic - Especially with Celtic Woman (in my opinion). By the way, if anyone is curious, the song is called "The Voice". If you look it up on Youtube, I bet you'd like it too ;-)

    Love that song!

    As for my characters, I have a number of them spread across Riddermark, Meneldor, Crickhollow, and Riddermark. But my most played (and overall favorite) is Nadhuil Frostbow. Sadly, I don't get to RP with him much as Riddermark is not a big RP server. He is an Elf Hunter from Mirkwood. Nadhuil felt like a good name for an Elven Hunter, just a very "natural" sounding name. Frostbow I chose because my hunter favors the hunting grounds of northern Ered Luin, as well as Forochel. He prefers to hunt in the winter forests. He would probably be doing that right now, had he not been drawn into the War of the Ring. As soon as he gets a break from battling Sarumans forces in Rohan, you can bet he'll return to one of his favorite hunting grounds.
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    I love posts like this...

    Brynnraen - I love the name Brynn. Would have used it as a middle name for a 2nd daughter if I had one (got a lovely son instead). -raen made it sound more appropriately lore specific I thought.

    Zarefina - A different spelling for Seraphina. Sounded like a good name for a mini. Not very lore authentic though!

    Rudbekia - tweak on the name of one of my fav flowers - Rudbeckia. She's a hobbit burglar - thought it funny to have a thief of short stature named after a lovely flower since she's a dagger wielding death machine.

    Hadleighy - tweak on Hadleigh - which would have been a 2nd daughter's first name. She's a champ - a true cuisinart killing machine and one awesome chick.

    Rachlarien - one of my fav characters from a series of books - Rachel - a kick &&&& day walking demon. Rachlarien is a Rune Keeper and it just seemed to fit. I made it more lore-appropriate.

    Aysawen - a name I made up. No real story behind it - it just sounded nice.
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    Nyadach Rhywen - Shadow noose arrow maiden...with a bit of stretching it anyhow. Nyadach though is a name I've always used in all games from UO, AO, SWG, EQ2 and a load others so it was always going to come here also. With the dictionary and a few friends it seemed it was possible to make it also fit lore to some degree so it was useful. The Shadow Noose part also comes in very handy due to the back story, but that's a whole other topic...
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    Hoboy, it's been awhile since I came up with the names for my characters, so don't judge me if I'm a bit off. Going from the top of my head.

    Mithuial: Grey Twilight, my usual go-to name, sadly taken on Laurelin, but snagged for me on Landroval. I've used this name in one fashion or another since ye olden days of yahoo user room rp.

    Thilinde: From Thil for 'shine with a white or silver light' and 'Linde' which is 'sing' or 'song'. Thilinde is my minstrel, who has in her incarnations habitually had hair either a dark pewter color or silver. Mithuial and Thilinde are one in the same, servers really being the only difference between them. She is meant to be a contrast from the forest she now hails from, Mirkwood. A sort of 'Light in the Dark' as it were.

    Cariavas: Red Autumn. Car: red, iavas: autumn.

    Fuinithil: Dark/gloomy moon. From fuin, which is dark or gloomy, and ithil which is moon.

    What other ones have I used... hmn hmn hmn....

    Silachil: Loosely, 'Shining Heir'

    Silivren: 'White glittering'

    The names my characters generally have are pretty simple, but that allows me to debate other names that were given to them.

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    When I started playing LOTRO I rolled a Captain as my main character and a Minstrel that was just meant to be a side character I would play occasionally. A few months later I was disenchanted with my Captain and ended up deleting her, but I'd fallen in love with my Minstrel. I ended up joining an RP kinship on her. Unfortunately, I hadn't been thinking about lore when I named her.

    Fionnuala Alphroval my Elven Minstrel and main character was named so because my main character in the game I played before switching to LOTRO had been named Fionnuala. The name comes from Irish mythology, from the story of the Children of Lir.

    When working on her backstory I decided that "Fionnuala" is a Sindarinization (since Sindarin has some commonality with the Celtic languages) of her Quenya father name. Her original name is Fionulea which I roughly translate as "my cup runneth over", an expression of her father's sentiments when she was born. Fionnuala has Noldorin heritage, hence the Quenya father name, but was assimilated into Sindarin society when she married a Sindarin Elf, hence the alteration of her name. Alphroval, meaning "swan wing", is a name given to her by her husband. (And is another reference to the Children of Lir, who were turned into swans in the story.)

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    common names I use in almost every game:
    Kyno (nickname for Kyle Nicholas)
    Kylie (nickname for Kadienne Leslie)
    ^names I'd like to name my future kids with :P
    Kotohiki - means something like harp player/play, a rather unique Japanese name, quite ancient-sounding too

    for my lotro toons:
    Borlog - a Filipino jargon meaning 'asleep' (it's supposed to sound funny); sounds kind of dwarvish if nobody knows what it really means :P
    Mirfaer Celephinnel - the only name I seriously 'researched' for, it means something like ocean spirit silver hair, thought I'd create a lore-abiding name for a lore-breaking class, I know ironic

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    Filhindros, an ancient Noldorin Elf from Aman, hunter. My main. Name from game random name generator, meaning 'caves air rain'. *facepalm*

    Aerlend, a pseudo-Galadhrim half-Noldo half-Sinda elf, hunter. Name from aer (sea) + lend (sweet/tuneful). Born in the Havens in early SA, he went through a lot of bad stuff during the War of Elves and Sauron. He moved to Lothlórien in SA 1701 and didn't go back to Mithlond except for short, random visits.

    Celegnel, an Elf from Nargothrond, warden. Name means 'hasty bell'. He has some Vanyarin blood in his veins from his father's side. He lost his family when Nargothrond was sacked and crossed Ered Lindon with Galadriel & co. before the end of the First Age. He went back to Lindon when he heard that Morgoth had been defeated. The name is a nickname he got when he rang a bell signaling a gathering too early, causing a bit of fuss.

    Ingalen Laegol, an Elf born in Rivendell in the early TA, minstrel. His names mean 'Green-thoughts greencloak', in + galen, lae + gol. He's a cook, a tailor and a musician. He almost always wears a green cloak and is a good friend to the Dúnedain of the North.

    Orodol, an Elf from late SA, father of Ingalen, hunter. He used to be a hunter in Rivendell but retired to Lindon after his wife was killed (she was with Celebrían when she was ambushed by Orcs). He tried to train Ingalen to become a hunter, too, but Ingalen wasn't really good with the stuff.

    Aeglirion, a Noldorin Elf born in the early FA, guardian. He's an old soldier. The name means 'son of the mountain range'. He had a terrible early life - his parents died when he was very young (father in Dagor Aglareb, mother to grief when she received the news), his friends died as the hopeless war went on, and he was in the Kinslaying at Doriath. He ran from the hosts of Maedhros when they were moving to the Mouth of Sirion. Nowadays he prefers solitude to crowded halls and large gatherings and is also a friend to Treebeard and other Ents.

    Artheleg, an Elf from Eregion, champion. Name means 'high/lofty ice' (arth + heleg). He was born to a minor noble family and is very interested in books, lore and such. He was in a party sent to Forochel after no word came from the ship sent to rescue Arvedui and completely fell in love with the icy wastes, earning his name.

    So, yeah. I only have Elf characters. Most likely 'cause I think they have the most interesting history, I really don't like Hobbits too much and the Man/Dwarf RP hasn't caught fire when it comes to me. Especially the Man one - the RP in Prancing Pony, the main Man RP hub, on my server isn't very lore-friendly. Sure, there are some gold nuggets in there, too, but in general it isn't too good.

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    Since this thread is about names, where's a good place to learn more about naming in Middle Earth? I'd like to try out some RP on Laurelin, so I'd like to find out more about names.
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