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    Meaning of Alliance Wounds

    The orc bosses in the new region put a NASTY fire damage bleed on you. It does 200+ damage every 2 seconds. That's fine and dandy in the environment, but in the SOLO instance "The Meaning of Alliance" it's ridiculous. They have no CD on how fast they can cast it and it lasts a very long time. They cast it faster than you can pot it off and in the instance new bosses come before you can even wait it out between fights. This is way too OP. Either lower the duration of the wound, give the mobs an interruptible induction or at least a CD on how often they can cast it.
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    Re: Meaning of Alliance Wounds

    After realizing I wasn't going to be able to outpot the wounds, I just let the Dunlending NPCs tank some of the Half-orcs. They have plenty of morale and don't get affected by wounds (AFAIK).

    Maybe that is the meaning of alliance?
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    Re: Meaning of Alliance Wounds

    Yeah, I definitely would have died through there if I wasn't a LM. And what on Earth is with them being immune to stun? They're only signature mobs, and stunning is a huge part of the LM's survivability.

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    Re: Meaning of Alliance Wounds

    This instance reminds me of some of the Mirkwood Landing instance quests. The objective is to let your buddies do the heavy lifting. Try to avoid combat as much as possible. You try to do the work yourself. It going to be really rough - like die over and over. That what one of my kin mates was doing - dieing a lot.

    I like these instances and quests where you have to do something other than "Tank and Spank".
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    Sorry to resurrect this old thread, but it seemed worth adding this. This quest will literally complete itself. After having some trouble with this I just stood by and watched Tomos and the Dunlendings do the entire quest. Tomos never came near dying and I didn't do a single point worth of damage.



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