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    Weaponsmith LI recipes

    I made a weaponsmith alt and there're a tonne of recipes for LI's that you can get once you reach supreme and kindred. I spent 10g on recipes alone and they're only for guardian and champ. Do any of you feel the obsessive need to acquire every single recipe to feel more "complete" (because I do, even though it's just an alt) or do you just get the ones that friends ask you to make/those you need yourself? Some are pretty useless such as daggers and maces for captains and champions which hardly anybody uses. Any of you have every single recipe? Including the Crafted (3rd age) ones?
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    Re: Weaponsmith LI recipes

    I want to have all the recipes, but cause I am keeping my gold for buying a house for my kin I can't afford them at the moment. In my opinion a very good crafter has all the recipes, but everybody is free to do as they feel they should.

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    Re: Weaponsmith LI recipes

    I'm not at that point yet, but considering the cost of those recepies, there's no way I'm going to get them all, and I'm a completionist

    For regular weapons, I see the point in getting all the recepies to compare stats given. (What off-hand will my Champion use: Sword, Dagger, Axe or Club? etc)
    For LI's though, as far as I understand it, stat-wise all weapons of a given type and class are equal, say a Captain's Halberd and a Captain's Greatsword are essentially no different in possible stats and legacies.

    Thus, I'll just get the recepies for weapons I'm actually going to make.

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    Re: Weaponsmith LI recipes

    They are too expensive. I only know the legendary item recipes that I have made.

    There is a number of very expensive reputation recipes in Galtrev, that you are going to want. Save your gold.
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    Re: Weaponsmith LI recipes

    When I was high enough to get the level 60 crafted LI recipies I got all of them, but only made a few of them, mostly for my own alts or kin members. After that I decided to save my gold and only buy the higher level LI recipies when I actually need them.
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    I think it's pretty silly that the least used crafting profession's book of recipes is also the only one that runs around 100g to purchase tiers 6-8. and yes, being a completionist of some sorts, I have bought them all.



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