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    Shield Tactics - The Warden's heavy "armor"

    First I thought "uhm, tactical mitigation is...a nice to have but nothing more"

    but then I read this:

    Quote Originally Posted by Graalx2 View Post
    Damage is defined by it's damage type, Common, Beleriand, Fire etc. The damage type determines which mitigation is used. Common, Westerness, Ancient Dwarf, Beleriand all use Physical Mitiagation. Fire, Shadow, Light, Acid, Lightning, Frost and whatever else I've missed all use Tactical Mitigation.

    So a Warg that uses a melee attack that inflicts Shadow damage is affected by Fire-lore as that affects all melee skills. After the skill is determined to hit then the (reduced) Shadow damage is mitigated by the targets Tactical Mitigation.

    The +1500 Tactical Mitigation Buff from Shield Tactics sounds pretty awesome now
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    Re: Shield Tactics - The Warden's heavy "armor"

    Happy Krazus is happy!
    I feel that, as of right now level 25 I am not using my avoidance buffs as much as I should. I like the idea of having buffs that really -REALLY- important to get up asap. Makes me feel like a tank...



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