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    RoI skin pack needs

    First of all thanks for the update Narrel!

    I'm still looking for more:

    - Social panel: we got the LFF and in-party icons (guild_soloing_fellowship.tga + guild_member_fellowship.tga), but where are the red and crowned graphics? (SocialPanel_Guild_Leader_Fell owship_Icon, SocialPanel_Guild_Leader_Full_ Fellowship_Icon, SocialPanel_Guild_Member_Full_ Fellowship_Icon)
    SocialPanel_GuildLeader_Icon or SocialPanel_GuildSuccessor_Ico n are also unavailable but I care less for these.

    - Classes: we got the 20px class icons, any chance for the 25px (raid) and 50px (fellowship and tooltip) versions?

    - Housing: we got all the permission icons (allowed/notallowed/ghosted for each) except "icon_housing_permission_manag e_notAllowed"

    Also, I really thought that this time skinners finally can modify the fellowship and raid unitframes, but couldn't find any help in this new SkinDictionary.
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    Re: RoI skin pack needs

    This has been removed:

    <Mapping ArtAssetID="dungeons_of_dol_guldur_tab_highlight_pressed" FileName="dungeons_of_dol_guldur_tab_highlight_pressed.tga"></Mapping>

    there's no replacement skin for it or code.

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    Re: RoI skin pack needs

    The 8 panel buttons' code of the Character Window ("ID_UISkin_Journal_Window" ) are not working properly, plus missing the MP ones'.
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    Re: RoI skin pack needs

    It seems that the Hobby deed is suffering some missing code. We have the adorn for fishing but there is no tab allowed and for me it automatically add the Shire deed tab.

    THank you again
    Ashannae(LM85 Taylor) Laureanna(Hunter85/Sch) Annaelen(Mins/78/cook) Moranae(Mins/76/WS)



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