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    ^^ Happy with RoI

    I've been enjoying the update. I level slow, but I like to explore. Loved the purple-clad hills, though they nearly killed me, stopped to splash in the River Isen for a time -- love the crossing even though there's nothing on the other side.

    A pause to look respectable...

    Saruman didn't answer the door though, so all politeness was cast aside. Can't be serious all the time, now can we....

    I think I'll move in if I can get rid of these blasted trolls...

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    Unhappy Re: ^^ Happy with RoI

    id love to be there but my launcher is having problems so no isen for me yet D: D;
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    Re: ^^ Happy with RoI

    One of the baby twins caught a fever so i haven't been able to check anything yet.

    Hopefuly when i do start RoI the "starting" areas will be a little less crowded.
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    Re: ^^ Happy with RoI

    Awww... It's true though, everything was really laggy and crowded, especially a main town/quest hub that I'm sure everyone will be familiar with soon. I managed to get a paper written in between all my lag, felt like everyone else was the Flash and I was normal another reason I chose to move on and go exploring.

    Does anyone else's character start getting left and right mixed up when they lag? I just barely touch 'left' and she turns resolutely to the right....

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    Re: ^^ Happy with RoI

    I love ROI and the landscape in Dunland is good Galtrev is way laggy right now its worse then going to 21st way to many to many people there so i stay away as much as i can the quest lines are great and plenty im already lvl 68 and enjoying new skills and no stat cap is nice also being a hunter with 800+ agi is pretty cool all i can say is follow the quest line as best you can to get all the gain and exploring done as you can

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    Re: ^^ Happy with RoI

    I'm happy too.
    The quest chains are really well done, and I like all the new "changing environment" stuff. (ie: moving quest givers, quest givers that are only present with certain quests active, etc.)

    I like feel the area has...it really is wild and rugged.

    I'm really looking forward to the battle instances like the ones they had pics of a while back.
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