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    Need a little advice

    Alright guys. I've read the stickies and whatnot, and I'm having an issue. I have 2 Wardens. One was made before coming onto the forums. He's somewhere around level 40s and the owner of my house, so I'm really reluctant to delete him, but he's so far behind on traits and deeds that I'm not sure if it's worth keeping him around for Isengard.

    On the plus side, he's past the lone lands, which is where I get serious alt-itis. The other Warden, on the other hand, is in his 20s and fairly caught up on traits and deeds, but I'm draggin my feet gettin through the lone lands with him. I think I've created 3 or 4 new characters since getting to the lone lands and I'm not even to Ost Guruth yet.

    That was a long and rambling way to say which Warden should I work on and level to get through Moria, and Mirkwood and on to Isengard? Should I tough it out through the Lone Lands with the one that I've actually been working on traits as I go, or should I play catch up with the older one?

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    Re: Need a little advice

    noting in lotro is beyond repair.

    i share your misgivings about the lone lands. I've lost a couple there myself along the way.

    taking those two into consideration would you rather work for 5-6 levels perhaps sorting out your Warden or would you prefer to quest the LL again? Or maybe even choose to skip them!

    what would you enjoy more?



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