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    Question from new(ish) Warden

    So I am only level 24 at present (I only play ~8-10 hours a week or so). I was skimming the Dev Diary in preparation for the new expansion tomorrow, but it's all high level things that don't affect me and won't for a couple of months at least.

    I don't 100% understand all the terms and mechanics used in LOTRO since they have different names from what I am used to, so can someone tell me if there's any major changes that I need to be aware of immediately, or can I continue what I am doing presently (skirmishes, questing, if I get lucky maybe a GB run at present, hopefully GA soon when I hit the 30s) without much deviation?

    Since I mostly quest I tend to rely on the spear gambits (Mainly Power Attack and... Onslaught I think? It's the first 3-strike Gambit) and then use the AOE Morale Leech (Fierce Resolve?) and the defensive one (Shield Up? Safeguard? One of those, I forget - sorry, n00b still) and spam Persevere if I'm taking a lot of damage. For groups I use War Cry if 3+ mobs, Maddening Strike, Precise Blow and then Resolve/Shield as needed.

    Any changes that immediately effect me?

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    Re: Question from new(ish) Warden

    You really won't get major changes till you start going into higher level place all you will mainly get are those bug removals and edits to your skills but that's it

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    Re: Question from new(ish) Warden

    There have been some changes in the trait line bonuses, if you do power attack and put the bleed on then do mighty blow it will do more damage. One of the Javelin skills has a bleed and there is a 10% drop in power for all skills across the board.
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    Re: Question from new(ish) Warden

    I would suggest that you keep trying all of the new skills as you level, rather than just relying on a small set rotation. Wardens are a flexible class - and while you are leveling up, you can learn and develop that flexibility.

    You want to be able to react fluidly to changes in a fight, rather than being stuck in a routine. By the time you reach the cap, you will have a lot of different skills to choose from.
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    Re: Question from new(ish) Warden

    The above posters covered it pretty well; however, I just wanted to point out something in your first post. You said something about 'spamming persevere.' Just letting you know, our self-heals don't stack with themselves, so you can't have 2 persevere heals ticking at the same time. You can, however, have different heals ticking at the same time. For instance, persevere (2-1) is your basic heal. Your next heal, safeguard (2-1-2), is more potent, AND it can be used at the same time as persevere. This method of stacking different self-heals is one of the most central points to successful performance in tight situations.



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