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Thread: Square MiniMap?

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    Square MiniMap?

    Is this an available option? I am so used to my custom UI from Years of WoW. Minimap bottom middle and bars on each side of it. I am trying to come up with something similar. Any suggestions.

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    Re: Square MiniMap?

    nope. maybe included in future Api but doubtful it will happen at least during the coming year
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    Re: Square MiniMap?

    I'm convinced there's a way to do this, but I haven't found it yet.

    If you alter one of the variables in the ID_UISkin_GamePlay_RadarBox panelfile (sorry; can't remember which one) the area of the map displayed increases, but the round mask image repeats itself. What I ended up with looked like this...

    ...where the gray area is one continuous map image, but the mask repeats to make the "stacked circles".

    If we can find the filename for that mask (there is one in the assets file, but it doesn't seem to work), we should be able to replace it with a square one.

    One note: The various "on map" icons (character arrow, quest tracker arrows, resource nodes, etc.) are positioned relative to the total size of that map area setting, so increasing the size of the map background (to facilitate the button tab I tried here, for example) makes them display off-center. I eventually had to revert to a square background with the buttons on the corners (example).
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    Re: Square MiniMap?


    It is a shame that this UI does not offer the level of customization that WoW does. I love this game, however I really miss being able to basically change/add whatever I wanted as far as the UI is concerned.



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