Warlords of Middle Earth would like to talk with any other small kins who are interested in merging or joining us to create a larger kin. Our goal in creating a larger kin through merger is to increase our "active" player base for end game content questing and fellowing as well as socializing.

About us:
We're a rank 8 kin (soon to be rank 9) with a kinhouse in Atwold settlement. We are not a rp kin. We currently have a roster of half a dozen or so active players of lvl 50-65 plus their alternates. Also on our roster are another 15-20 of questionable playing activity (I remove kin from the roster who haven't been active in over 120 days).
We're mature, amicable, responsible and helpful. Generally our ingame times consist of evenings and weekends. Our kin consists mainly of players located on the east coast of the U.S. While we're not what I consider to be hardcore players, all of us spend a considerable amount of time and effort ingame to advance our characters and build our knowledge base and skills.

Personal note:
It would be easy for the few active players in our kin to abandon it and join one of the larger and better known kins around. But although we've discussed it as a last resort alternative, for the time being, we've decided to tough it out and do what we can to keep this kin together and build it up as best we can without resorting to constant ingame spamming for new recruits. Personally I enjoy leading a kin and bettering my game skills and knowledge to lead and assist others.

Thanks for taking the time to read this. If you'd like to talk, contact me on here or ingame send mail to either Shaladron or Foucault.

Be well