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    Fellowship of the Rogues Recruitment Message

    We are NOT a family friendly kin, but we love to have fun! We put the FU in FUN!
    This is the all new Rogue Recruitment post! We got tired of the old one! (It smelled of elderberries and ointments.)

    Same Rogue Kin, same Rogue Great Taste! Same old Rogue Smell! (eww)

    We are the Fellowship of the Rogues, our website is: http://rogueknights.org We are a max rank Kin (Rank 10) and have been around since closed beta, our founders played together in Asherson's Call until we came here!

    Our Kin has all levels, all playing styles from once a month types to 12 hours a day types (like me) and everything in between, usually always someone on no matter the time!

    We are a laid back casual Kin, some like to run gear instances, some like the PvM Ettenmoors raiding on both Freep and Creep sides, we help Kinmates grind up deeds, bookwork, crafting etc.

    We are not like most other Kins as we tend to be a little rougher around the edges and naughty, that's why we require our members to be at least 18 years of age (not mentally, most would not pass that test, as I am around 13 mentally and love fart jokes!) or older (most in their lates 20s and 30s, some 40s like me), we try to run things based on CST time but we have players from all time zones including a crazy New Zealander and a Aussie or three!

    Our language and subject matter on our own forum, in our Kin chat, on our Teamspeak channel can at times exceed nc-17 thats why the age limit, and we hate leet speak!

    We don't have many rules other then don't piss off the Officers, and don't be a jerk out in the World to others (unless they start it lol)!

    Only Kin Chat rules are: NO POLITICAL TALK, we had several people leave or be booted when we allowed it so we have cut that stuff out!

    If you are interested you can reach me the Kin Leader: Pizzolas
    And my alts are mainly: Gardein, Senormariachi, Beerdrinker, Cappo, Nuttintoseehere, Ladronelpelo, but I have many more!

    Other Officers available to answer questions or recruit you are: Aladarion, Ragnarokin, Meltoriel, Denalia, Cadennza, Holdthecheese, Orolin or Arandriel . You can also ask any FotR Member about us and they will have a Officer contact you!

    Any one of us can help you or talk to you about joining our ranks!

    We are not looking for specific classes or play styles or game experience just other nutcase's like us who like to have fun! We even make up events like Kin's Ugliest Costume of the Year (Turbine won't allow the actual title of the winner here it would look like ******), Scavenger Hunts, Hide and Seek, and things like that, we LOVE to play the in game Freeze Tag as well or just hang out and play bad music in Bree! We have a Creep Tribe, Forum, Teamspeak, weekly lotto and riddles on our Forum, Kinship Auction House events where we have a swap meet on the AH for dirt cheap priced items... lots of other stuff we do with our own brand of humor.

    So if you think you are Rogue material (mainly nuts with potty mouths who like to have fun) then contact one of us today or PM me here!

    Cya around Middle Earth!
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    Hi my name is Pizz and I'm a altaholic.. it's been several minutes since I last played a alt...



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