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Thread: The Old Relics

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    The Old Relics

    This thread is an (unofficial) questionnaire to help highlight a few of the shortcoming with the current relic system, focused on what the old relic system has that the new one does not.

    Hopefully this thread will gather useful feedback that Turbine can use.

    1) What relics from the old relic system are you using? (Please provide stats for each relic)

    2) Why do you prefer this relic over the other relics in the current system?
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    Re: The Old Relics

    If Turbine wanted usage information, they would data mine the servers. The only useful information would be - Why are you using discontinued relic xyz? I suspect Turbine could figure out the Why? from the data mining. Turbine could get relic, class, level, kind of legendary item, legacies ...

    One of the reason Turbine does not ask about our current active activities is because they can pull that information from the servers. It only things like - which of these should we put in game?
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