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    How do Wardens Trait/Build for the Moors?

    I was wondering on how wardens trait and what they like to have on their gear for moors play. I've been watching quite a bit of warden pvmp videos, and was wondering how wardens get their gambits up so fast. My warden is currently only level 30, but I can't fire off gambits nearly that fast.

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    Re: How do Wardens Trait/Build for the Moors?

    Red + Masteries and Warg Detector.

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    Re: How do Wardens Trait/Build for the Moors?

    Traiting shield or spear typically happens.

    Traiting shield wardens are typically nigh-unkillable unless greatly outnumberd, but also not that great at killing anyone.

    Traiting spear wardens tend to win most 1 on 1 fights in a relatively fast manner, but difficulty raises more drastically than shield when you get more than one opponent.

    Traiting fist... never heard of it, but I'd imagine it'd at least be amusing in a raid if you don't get resisted like mad.

    Also, gambits are built fast via masteries. You won't be getting those for a long time. Masteries are a set of 6 skills that add builder + builder (fi/sp, sh/sp, etc etc). Because they're more-or-less instant you can build gambits very fast, but suffer from having a 15 second cooldown. Typically most wardens have patterns they typically go through in a given situation to maximize their mastery use.

    Also, when you get to legendary weapons and legacies you'll probably want a legendary or two built exclusively for the Moors (hampering javelin duration+ etc.), but since we haven't got much in legacy options these also tend to be your regular weapons.

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    Re: How do Wardens Trait/Build for the Moors?

    Quote Originally Posted by mattandandrew View Post
    I was wondering on how wardens trait and what they like to have on their gear for moors play. how wardens get their gambits up so fast. My warden is currently only level 30, but I can't fire off gambits nearly that fast.
    Most effective to trait 5 deep in spear with capstone in general. Full Shield line isn't as effective in group because of the excessive range fighting and burst damage makes it hard to work with 24s long HoTs that work in slow PvE.

    Mastery skills which allow to use to instantly obtain 2 builders as long as we are in combat.

    So by opening with a Javelin attack you could use the [Spear/Fist], [Shield/Spear], [Taunt] and have the 5 long gambit Warden's Triumph before coming within Melee rang of the creep. This is what I consider building a gambit backwards because usually in PvE you open with a melee attack then build with materies. Once in combat you can work your rotation depending on what is not on cd. I like to open with:

    [Spear/Fist], [Shield/Spear], [Taunt] = WardTriumph
    [Spear/Shield], [Fist/Spear], [Shield]=UnerStrike
    [Fist/Shield], [Taunt], [Shield/Fist]= Desolation

    Give 3, 5 long Gambits with only one melee attack per in an opening rotation.
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    Re: How do Wardens Trait/Build for the Moors?

    My biggest advice to you now is to get used to your javelin skills, and earn way of the warden when you can and start using the masteries as soon as you get the legendary trait. Using masteries effectively is key.
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    Re: How do Wardens Trait/Build for the Moors?

    Trait Shield for ez-facerolling: boring btw, but necessary to solo Keep/LC/Isen Tyrants (not necessary for OP Tyrants)


    Challenge yourself and roll Spear. Now that WotW will include our masteries it's going to be fun experimenting a bit with traits out there.
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    Re: How do Wardens Trait/Build for the Moors?

    If you aren't soloing and find you enjoy the raids you could try the yellow line including cap:-

    -Yelling desolation into a group of warleaders invariably interupts heals (thats your yellow cap and resist boost).
    -Running towards the back of the creep ball and screaming you war cry will keep the defilers (who were trying to stay out of combat for a cheap res) in combat for at least your 24 second dot. War cry being favorite due to its range, its 360 degree directionsal (unlike desolation), it applies to 10 creeps and with yellow line it can last 24 seconds if you're yellow line and have the extra pulse trait.
    -Then once you've run away to the back of the freep ball (you dont want to stay in the creep ball for long) you can build desolation again and reapply it to the unfortunate warleaders again and then pick you favourite war leader and interupt spam him till he gets the idea and starts running around like a headless chicken. You know your really suceeding when the warleader stops running though he knows you've locked him down and he tries to get off a heal probably because it'll save his friend and you interupt it, there you just killed a creep, well in my mind anyway.
    -All the time you're running between creep and freep balls you're returning to RAT to launch your javelin skills, so quicker javelin skills is useful.

    Sure you dont deliver massively on the RAT (its controversial) but you do stop healing and to some degree you'll pull the undisiplined creeps off their RAT. And when that happens you've generated actual agro in RL! The key though is quick darting runs, stay to long and you'll be on the creep RAT and no one wants that.

    I've not mentioned EoB as whilst it'll keep you up a second longer against a raid it lacks the range of War Cry, won't last as long and takes the same builders as desolation...and you need desolation.

    See its not all about following the RAT.

    And for a little extra not to do with builds...
    Other things you can do might be throw up war cry around your healers if you have a large warg presence, or if you've pulled NPCs, gather them up as they'll be pulled on your healers and thats a wipe. And finally should your raid be collapsing, EoB, Resolution, Fierce Resolve and get yourself into the creep ball, sure you wont slow them as much as a guardian but you've got decent staying power and slowing their advance should give your group time to flee and regroup before totally wiping, quick tip though, once dead from this suicide res quickly and then you can ride back in a group rather than being ganked solo.
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    Re: How do Wardens Trait/Build for the Moors?

    Desolation kills Bard's Arrows and Minstrel fears.

    With WotW including our masteries, I'm thinking of going shield in RoI. New trait setups will now allow us to pick two traits from another line, the only spear trait really useful in the moors being Expert Hurler (yes, DPS traits are fine, but our DPS will never be as game-breaking as champs/RK/hunters').
    Therefore it will be possible to optimize our utility (Conviction + Expert Hurler) and benefit from Shield line's versatility (far better in PvE than Spear, can take NPCs all over the place, moderate DPS output).



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