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    Legendary item XP quest reward doesn't exist.

    I've done some quests (in Eregion) with a legendary item XP reward. Than I've acquired my first legendary item-a hunter's crossbow-(from epic book storyline-with these dwarfs in front of Moria) a few weeks later.

    But this legendary item appears to get NO XP acquired from quests before as it should. This item has XP acquiring enabled-but no XP reward from completed quests seems to be being given there!

    So, does anybody know where is the problem, please? Are these Eregion quest item XP rewards only for certain types of items (spears, swords..)? Or is it just a bug?

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    Re: Legendary item XP quest reward doesn't exist.

    You only gain IXP from the point where you have slotted the weapon. If you did those quests before you got your LI, the IXP reward went simply... nowhere, because you couldn't use it.

    And just in case I misunderstood your post, you need to have your LI identified by a Forge-master (there is an epic book chapter that sends you to talk to one) and you must have it equipped in order to gain IXP. This last requirement only applies to the LI you get from the epic book: for future LIs, it will be sufficient to have them identified and slotted in the LI panel.

    IXP rewards get distributed across all LIs you have currently slotted in the LI panel. To have them slotted, you must be able to equip them (i.e., they must be for your class and not above your level).
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    Re: Legendary item XP quest reward doesn't exist.

    Legendary/Item XP will be listed as one of the rewards and is hard to miss, but it is only on L51+ quests. Any quests level 50 and below will not grant item xp when completed.

    When f2p launched they went through all of the quests Level 51 and over to added item experience (prior to that there were quite a few that did not grant ixp). They may have missed a couple, but check the level of the quests you are completing. There are only a handful out of Mirobel (in south Eregion) that are high enough level to grant ixp.
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    Re: Legendary item XP quest reward doesn't exist.

    2 Things that pop into my head.
    Recently a guy had forgotten to pick up the quest to level the LI to level 10, and the item got no ixp whatsoever. Ensure you picked up that quest (V2B1C11)
    Also, afaik the quest level that give ixp is level 50. in Eregion this is all Echad dunnan and Mirobel quests, and a couple quests at Echad Eregion. As previously stated as well, formerly gained IXP without having an eliglible LI to get the IXP will be lost as its only stored in the LI when the IXP is granted.

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    Re: Legendary item XP quest reward doesn't exist.

    you need to have the starter LI (the LI reward for the Moria book quest) equipped to get item exp. for it. all other LI drops do not have this rule.

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    Re: Legendary item XP quest reward doesn't exist.

    I'll clarify one detail.

    When you have received your first legendary weapon you must equip it and be using it so that it can gain item xp. However, it is possible to have up to eight legendary items earn item xp at the same time. Obviously you can't use 8 legendary items at the same time, but you can "slot" up to eight legendary items on a special panel (shift-I) and they will share all item xp you earn. If you have not started Vol 2 Book 1 yet, shift-I opens an empty window with a message that you must do Vol 2 Book 1 first.

    If you do not have any legendary items slotted on that panel, item xp from quests is wasted. The legendary weapon you receive in Vol 2 Book 1 MUST be slotted on the panel and you MUST be using it as your main weapon so it can earn item xp. Any other legendary item you slot on that panel will earn item xp just by being slotted on panel, it is only your starter legendary weapon that must be used so it can earn item xp. ALL legendary items slotted on the panel must be carried in your inventory, you CANNOT put a legendary item in your vault after you slot it on the panel. You cannot trade or sell legendary items to someone else after you have slotted them on your panel.
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