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    Unhappy Someone please ensure me...

    God. I should had never readed all this doom and gloom threads.
    Currently I have a level 22 warden, a level 20 champion and a level 30 Guardian.
    Tanking is my role. Is what I do and I do it right. I played WoW before and tanked everything up to the first 3 bosses in Firelands (quitted shortly thereafter as I was very very tired of wow) with good success. I am capable of learning.

    So I come to you asking for the opposite of doom and gloom. Can someone who has been in Beta, who has played guardians and champs too, ensure me that as a Warden I will be just as capable MT? Or will the Guardian outlast me, the champion out-threat me? Will bringing my warden make my kinsmen groan?

    I say this because I have played all 3 classes and I am having the must fun with my Warden. But I fear that the Hots and Leeches don't scale enough to make the class worthwhile in Isengard, I fear that finesse will be the end of us. That battle memory is more of a gimmick than a truly useful skill.
    Am I being paranoid? Please tell me I am. I want to continue leveling Asgarde Tyrion, the Warden. Not Thordorin the fat dwarf guardian or my champ. But if going guardian or champion save me a lot of pain the in the long road I rather do that.

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    Re: Someone please ensure me...

    Play the one you like. Warden is advanced so things are harder....not impossible. There are many good raid wardens. I raid twice a week with mine as main tank. I'm far far far from the best warden around.

    I can understand a little QQ from guards but wardens crying is odd to me. We only got buffs. Don't believe everything you read here. The sky is not falling for wardens, IMO.

    BTW Healing is the healers job in a raid most of the time. I've got better things to do than worry about my morale. A steady dose of conviction is basically all I get to except in the Frothmar fight. From my beta experience, we're going to be using DoW, WoS and Defensive Strike in many more fights...well I will to build up my avoidances.

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    Re: Someone please ensure me...

    I don't think there will be an end to wardens come Isengard. You're being paranoid. Wardens can tank very well, in my experience, and tanks will always be needed.

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    Re: Someone please ensure me...

    Nerves, of the Brandywine.

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    Re: Someone please ensure me...

    Hope this is enough for yea!!


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    Re: Someone please ensure me...

    Take most of what you read in forums with a grain of salt. Folks predict how things might be without experiencing them first hand, and generally overreact.

    *objects in threads are gloomier than they appear*
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    Re: Someone please ensure me...

    Quote Originally Posted by ShammWoww View Post
    *objects in threads are gloomier than they appear*
    That should be list at the top of every thread that is generated after a dev diary or official announcement.

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    Re: Someone please ensure me...

    Isn't that what they sell ensurance for?

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    Re: Someone please ensure me...

    Wardens are lacking several tanking "tools" to outclass guardians. Let's face it, we're more of a tank-oriented soloing class than a pure tanking class.

    That being said, by improving your skills as a warden, you can surpass most guardians and be capable of tanking anything in the game. It doesn't mean classes are equal, but if you only care about results, nothing's impossible for a warden.

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    Re: Someone please ensure me...

    It's really not as big of a deal as people are making it out to be. Regardless of what may happen, for better or worse, we will never know until we actually get in game and test things out first hand. There is enough controversy on both sides of the issue that I feel things are balanced enough for the moment. In other words, I don't think there are any terrible looming issues that are going to break or hurt the class.

    On a more personal note though, I play the warden and always have, because I like the class. It's as simple as that. Play the class you like and ignore the haters.

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    Re: Someone please ensure me...

    Things would have to be extremely bad for me to ditch my warden. The class is just so much more fun for me to play. In fact, I would go so far to say that the warden playstyle has defined my preferred MMO experience. When I look for a class in a new game, I look for something like a warden. I have tried other classes in an attempt to be more rounded, my thought process ends up going something like this:

    Champion: "Cool lots of swords and heavy armor. What's this no B/P/E, I have heavy armor I don't need that, right?" (Dies after pulling three trash mobs.)
    Captain: "Okay, heavy armor, check. 2-handed weapons, check. B/P/E still intact, check. Plus, I get heals, cool. Wait, what do you mean I can't use them on myself? Who else would I want to use them on? My leveling buddy plays a hunter and they make terrible tanks."
    Guardian: "Nice defenses, but what if my morale gets low? Isn't there anything I can actually DO about it?"
    Runekeeper: "Finally, I can use my heals on myself. But when do I get to where anything more than tissue paper?"
    Minstrel: "I'm actually liking this one, but when do I actually get to use that pointy dagger and stop singing them to death. Songs don't make bleeds, pointy sticks make bleeds."
    Burglar: "Awesome, perma-stealth. Oh wait, they saw me. Run. RUN!"
    Hunter: "Um, no. I'm sorry, but it's a matter of principle."

    As you can see, I made the mistake of playing a Warden as my first class and it has jaded me from really getting into any other class. So in fairness, you could TRY to play another class, but it won't make you happy.
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