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    Things to do before Sunday and the ROI release Monday

    Ya know, I started to put this in General Discussion, but.. heck.. the main people I want to show this to is Wardens and their LM alts anyways, so here goes. They give some of the best feedback I see in the forums. Feel free to add to the list anything that I forgot, as RoI goes live MONDAY now, instead of Tuesday...

    Things to do before Sunday and the ROI release Monday

    1. Camp at Nar's Peak before you leave game before the patch. (Even if epic line is not complete. You can start the next one without completing the first.)

    2. Finish the Epic line. (For those of us who are completionists.)

    3. Write down Gems and Legacy levels on Legendary Weapons. (Note any that we may want to replace and/or not level.)

    4. Write down Skirmish Soldier points and traits. (Note any you do not want to level up again.)

    5. Write down current traits, morale/power, resistances and any other virtues that you will wish you knew how much the changed after the patch takes place.

    6. Check out current traits and see if you need to finish any with one more step to go before the patch. (We do not get a raise in the quest log size this time, so no need to hold out in case we get another 5 more quest slots.)

    7. Stock up on morale/power pots, as it takes time to build faction and the next higher ones are a higher level than 65.

    8. Camp at Nar's before going in for the night your last night before the patches.

    9. Decide if you want to fight UnDead or Hillmen.

    10. Did I mentionCAMP AT NAR'S? Its so you can go inside and get the first quest to open the new expansion. Plan on porting back to Lanuch after getting it and choosing to follow the path of the Rangers (UnDead) to Lich Bluffs or the Devodiad (Hillmen) through Mournshaws past Ost Dunholt.

    11. Explore and have fun in the new areas.

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    Re: Things to do before Sunday and the ROI release Monday

    First things I'm doing after the update:
    1) Turn in 45 quests I have complete and ready to turn in
    2) Pick up OD pieces sans northmen medallions
    3) Quest in Mournshaws b/c dunland is gonna be crazy

    So I'll probably park at Thorenhad to turn in the MW dailies then off to Enedwaith for turn ins and more 65 questing without a level cap.

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    Re: Things to do before Sunday and the ROI release Monday

    NOT going to log in that day, or if I do it will be on level 20-ish alts. Don't even want to think of the numbers, lag, heretofore undiscovered bugs, and hotfixes.

    Thanks for some of the suggestions, though, I'll definitely be doing a full screenshot on stats and traits!

    Finishing up the epics is a good idea, too, though I'm nowhere near there yet.

    Otherwise: finish up any Moria deeds and any +2 virtue deeds hanging around in your log. If you have tiny toons, make sure they've all got their hero of Ered Luin (currently comes with +3 charity, after the update, who knows?), that'll take all of an hour per alt assuming they haven't done any of it and are on-level (30 quests = Hero of Ered Luin). Half an hour at most for the higher than 14s. Easy stuff, and not a waste even if all +2 deeds aren't nuked.

    Recount the number of symbols/crests/repasts to make sure you aren't 10 short for getting the new guild rep.

    Relax and do something else for a couple of days until hotfix 1/logjam is past. But I tend to be fairly laid back about these things.

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    Re: Things to do before Sunday and the ROI release Monday

    I'm debating between hitting the new areas on my RK right away or playing my Warden in Moria for a few days until things calm down a bit before hitting RoI on the RK
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    Re: Things to do before Sunday and the ROI release Monday

    Things to do before ROI release: Farm the Delving of Fror like it is going out of style to get Legendary Shards.
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