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    Angry [KICKING & SCREAMING] All right, ladies & gents. Besotted, surly, at yer service

    After some tantrums, despication of powers that may or may not be, a choice curse or two [THOROUGHLY DESERVED I MAY ADD], and with no real recourse, I have been reborn on Crickhollow, that most worthy but overlooked RP-friendly server.

    Loathing every step I RETAKE in the start areas, longing for the left-behind PERFECT arrangements of traits, the bank brimming with crafting shinies, the comfy well-worn and well-deserved neat loot I have orphaned. Oh, and the GOLD! *sniffles, will NOT cry again* All the gold... aherm. Surly and underappreciated Dwarven Minstrel seeking RP-thick home. Im an avid explorer, good with a tune or tale, and linty of pockets [sugar mommas welcome]. Enthusiastic crafter, well-dressed [All right, I clean up well, anyway], always willing to help guildies in need, great fun at parties.

    Please look me up. Seeking kinship. Thank you.
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    Re: [KICKING & SCREAMING] All right, ladies & gents. Besotted, surly, at yer service

    And note: if I cannot secure the souls of any DMs or otherwise beg my way out off the Big E to here, possible Hobbit burglar rebirth coming too.

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    Re: [KICKING & SCREAMING] All right, ladies & gents. Besotted, surly, at yer service

    What manner of RP would you like to engage in? What are you interests?
    my Kin the Remnants of Annuminas is a heavy character driven RP kin. We focus on the war against the shadow and how our group of characters is fighting their way through it. You can check out our website http://anucrick.guildlaunch.com/?gid=0

    Another great group of Rp'ers is Symphonious. They focus on the exploration of the in game musical system with an on going storyline. Dessuidhiel is their leader. She is often on most nights if you have an interest there.

    Another group I know of that does great Rp is the Mithrim. I can't say specifically what their focus is, but they are a great group of people. I think your best contacts in-game for them would be Gehaz or Siegstar.

    There is also of course Second breakfast. They are a large light rp kin. They are the ones that host the nightly Elevenses at the Bird and Baby Inn.

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    Re: [KICKING & SCREAMING] All right, ladies & gents. Besotted, surly, at yer service


    Well, I focus on my characters quite deeply [well, as I can anyway], which is one reason I don't like having many, but, I prefer to react to outside plots when they arise! As a newcomer I don't anticipate running something, so I'd rather see what others are doing and react; after all, I just got to town.

    These all sound like solid groups. I guess I'll see what they might say of me if we run into each other. As a minstrel down on 'is luck Symphonius sounds good [since I love the music system and want to check it further] plus, any mention of gatherings in bars has my attention!
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