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    Can't use forge and relic masters?

    Hey ya guys. I've been asking for two days in game in /advice, and while looking on Google and other places for an answer and no one seems to have one (or I just get ignored).

    When I goto the forge-master and relic-master in rivendell, I can't use them. I have completed volume 2, book 1, chapter 13.

    The error it gives me is "Using this has no effect." when i right click them.

    I do have a relic in my bags that I wanted to put onto my new shiny bow.

    Any info, of any kind will be much helpful, because like i said, no one had gotten back to me and there isn't much in the way of info.

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    Re: Can't use forge and relic masters?

    You need to finish Chapter 14, not Chapter 13.
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    Re: Can't use forge and relic masters?

    I think you need to complete book 1.

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    Re: Can't use forge and relic masters?

    Go to a relic master NPC, double click on him and a window will open. Select the "Deconstruct" tab. All items that the relic master can deconstruct for you will be listed. If the item in your inventory is locked to stop you from accidentally selling it, it will not be displayed until you unlock it in your inventory bag (open your bag, Alt-left click on the relic, Control-T to toggle the lock/unlock on it).

    When you can see the relic in the Deconstruct window of the relic master, select the relic and there will be a button at the bottom of the window to make the relic master deconstruct the relic. The relic will be put into your wallet (just like your in-game money, you carry it around but it doesn't use an inventory bag space).

    As people have said, you must complete ALL the epic quests in Book 1 before you can use the forge master and relic master properly. If you have not been inside Moria and received your second legendary item yet, you have not finished all of Book 1.
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    Re: Can't use forge and relic masters?

    Awesome thanks for the help guys. Much faster than /advice ;p



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