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    Riders of the Riddermark : Rohan themed medium RP kinship

    Hear our story, traveler!

    It's years already since Rohan is troubled.. Eyes see, ears hear and mouths do not remain silent when they trust the company. The king looks changed, the borders are threatened, the old alliances forgotten and rumors from lands afar say worse is to come.

    The old Aethelwigend Ehris -for some years retired as the custodian of the small fort Belfa in the Eastfold-could not remain indifferent. With some of his faithful soldiers he decided to go and see for himself what threatens his home.

    It was Breeland the place where paths crossed with those of other Rohirrims in exile and they rode together since then known as the Riders of the Riddermark: survivors of failed scouting expeditions, adventures, men who moved to these lands long ago but still feel their hearts Rohirrim, proud and experienced warriors and civilians seeking shelter in times of trouble alike.

    The roads became more and more unsafe and the roads to Rohan closed to all but few skilled in finding a way where is none. The Riders did seek a safe road to return in numbers and failed in several attempts. But now the decision was taken. The lord Ehris will march for the Gap with all those willing to follow. To free it and keep its road open or die trying! For Rohan and the king Theoden! Rohan calls its sons back to fight for their home! Will you answer?

    Our OOC history:

    We are here since 2008 as a Rohan only medium RP kinship (we have our events each few weeks, gladly join as a group the open events that match our background, encourage and help the RP initiatives of our kinsmen but do not enforce RP level of activity or style, background or tastes in gear).

    We are medium size kin, with around 30 members active now and hopes for a good number of returning players with Rise of Isengard coming soon. Some are active many hours each day, some logging a few hours maybe just once a week. We have one rule: your char needs to be “of Rohan”. Well actually two rules, the previous and love to be part of a friendly and relaxed group that aims to enjoy the game together.

    We have no requirement on level, time spent online, class proficiency or passion for crafting. But we have people with expertise in all that, absolutely wonderful, generous and fun and you will have help and advice if you wish it. We also try to be at any time in a Raiding Alliance with kins that also do not have the number with interest in raiding to have in-kin raids. Also among us are several passionate PvMP ers so if that is your thing you will have some kinnies to accompany you to the Moors also.

    Visit our website for more information on us : http://riders.theriddermark.org/news.php

    And if you like what you see and/or have more questions if the Riders of the Riddermark would be the home for your Rohirrim chars you can:
    -contact one of our officers: Ehris, Thednath, Eoryn, Cwenwolf, Bloedwen, Eotar, Joylil, Aueryll, Yarassi, Ileen.
    -approach anyone wearing our kin tag and you will be directed to a officer, as they might be logged in on alts. 
    -apply on our website and we will search you in game. It migth take us a few days to do so but we never forgot to respond to anyone, Rohirrim word!

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    Halef, Wyrmwen and [b] Ileen [/b] proud officer of the Ridders of the Riddermark
    Turuviel, Lothiavien, Naergon,Sidvenel elves whose path joined that of house Vanimar
    Ancuta, owner of Merriment Inn in Westcomb, Breeland

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    Re: Riders of the Riddermark is welcoming any character of Rohan

    Update, to avoid a small confusion: we are, as we were since 2008, welcoming all chars "of Rohan", no matter the level, class, time online and of any timezone

    After servers moved to US we have a number of players who do not come from the standard European timezones, so especially to make life more interesting in kin at the peak hours of US timezone, as well as give a richer story to the chars who whish to play most time IC in Breeland and its surroundings, our brave Eardhelm added to our existing Companies the Westridehere, a militia that aims to prepare those who wish to follow the main Eored to the Gap and to protect their kinsmen remaining far from Rohan if need arise.

    We hope to see many of you joining our ranks no matter what place you call home RL!
    Give a tell to our officers or apply to our forum if you are interested in joining us!
    Halef, Wyrmwen and [b] Ileen [/b] proud officer of the Ridders of the Riddermark
    Turuviel, Lothiavien, Naergon,Sidvenel elves whose path joined that of house Vanimar
    Ancuta, owner of Merriment Inn in Westcomb, Breeland

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    Westu Hal, Eorlingas!
    Hear the calling of the horn!
    Listen to the thunder of hooves!
    See the glitter of steel in the darkness!

    Riders of the Riddermark are once again calling out to all errant Eorlingas who are looking for a home in this time of war!

    For those interested, please have a look at our website and write a line on the forums: http://riders.theriddermark.org
    Or on Laurelin Archives: http://laurelinarchives.org/node/614

    In-game; Please contact Denholm, Eorran, Waelden, Andswaru, Ceobrand, Ileen, or any that might be online in the game for more information.
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    Is your kin still alive and growing ?
    Because i being LF a kin for ages now and on this servers seems all kins are just dead
    And do you need to register first before i can join?

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    Westu hal!

    We are definitely alive and kicking orc-behinds in Helm's Deep! Our players are mostly EU based, but we do have a number of US players as well. Toss a little introduction post on our forums with your character name; or you can search for "Riders of the Riddermark" in the social window ingame, and send a tell to any online member, and we'll set you up properly.



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