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    Need some clarification on relics for ROI

    I am not in beta so I am only hearing things and trying to piece together all the information from various dev posts. I have a few questions if someone out there can answer them for me.

    1. Extraordinary tier 6 relics will not be able to placed in level 70+ weapons True or False?

    2. Extraordinary tier 6 relics cannot be changed back into normal tier 6 relics True or False?

    3. Extraordinary tier 6 relics cannot be used to combine for tier 7 relics True or False?

    4. Extrarordnary tier 6 relics can only be traded in for 336 shards when ROI begins True or False?

    If these are all true I am going to be taking very hard hit to revamping my new weapons considereing each of these took 4 tier six relics and a bunch of shards to combine into one extraodinary relic. Currently have 12 on just my main.


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    Re: Need some clarification on relics for ROI

    Im not in beta, but anyways.
    1 - Always before, the new tiers have been locked to higher itemlevels. Fairly sure t6 and true runes working on 65 will work on anything from 65 to 100. I would also bet T7 and derived extraordinary relics will only work level 70 or 75 items.
    2 - Its currently not possible to return a melded relic to its original parts. Its also something that would remove so much grind that I dont believe for a moment it will happen.
    3 - Tier 7 says it all. You use T7 relics for this not T6.
    4 - Very likely.

    In short: no good news, but we may hope for relic unslot.

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    Re: Need some clarification on relics for ROI

    As of right now:

    1. False
    2. True
    3. True
    4. True



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