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    2nd Age Hunter sword

    My sword is lvl 43/65. Should i even bother to max lvl it or just wait till the expansion comes out to see what they are going to do to my bow and sword? Thanks.

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    Re: 2nd Age Hunter sword

    Your bow and sword are not changing. You are going to deconstruct them after Isengard goes live. You will be using a pair of new shiny Isengard items. You may very well go thru more than one set of Isengard legendary items before you level cap and get something you want to keep. The question each of us will have to answer is - when? You are likely to switch sooner than Tantalus your weapons are not maxed at the moment.

    The DPS increase per level for crafted, instance, loot and quest quest weapons is about 10% per character level. A level 75 weapon raw DPS is right around twice the raw DPS of a level 65. A level 75 sword - something you would use in your off hand is 140 DPS.

    Some classes - Hunters especially are going to find their legendary items going obsolete really quick because Hunters using them to kill with.

    I do not know what Bows look like. I had hoped to use my level 65 second age bow and sword until I could replace them at 75. After looking at the screen shot of 140 DPS sword. Keeping my bow and sword to 75 longer appear viable.
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    Re: 2nd Age Hunter sword

    So i guess the answer is no i should not lvl it anymore? What you are saying is that my ledg bow and sword will be changed to useing something else. So basically everyone should stop now in lvling up their ledg weps because they are going to be replaced with new roi weps right or will the roi weps be a new form of ledg weps and not be ones we have now? Thanks just trying to figure things out.

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    Re: 2nd Age Hunter sword

    Why not level it? If you are playing anyways.

    The higher it is when decon the more relics and bigger Item Exp bubble you get,...

    can you use that towards your new Isengard legendary? I sure hope so.

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    Re: 2nd Age Hunter sword

    Exactly. Level them to 11, 21 or 31 and decon, rinse and repeat.

    If nothing else, you will have more shards, relics and runes, and a few less LIs in your vault
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    Re: 2nd Age Hunter sword

    I would keep leveling. I intend to keep my sword to level 75. The truth is, I don't even put points into my dps on my sword (which has seven legacies). So idc about the raw dps of a level 75 sword. Even when i hit 75, Ill have to think about when to replace it. I want to prioritize spending IXP on my bow.
    Now, as for the bow.....I'll switch to a level 75 3A bow as soon as I hit 75. I will likely keep using my first age bow until then. I tend to grind levels, and expect to hit 75 sooner rather than later.



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