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    Quote Originally Posted by dwarfThar View Post
    Can anyone confirm there are black/dyeable cosmetics? I only got the standard non-dyeable ones so far (lv25/35/45).
    There are super rare black captain hats, both with and without eyepatch, in the lockers. I do not remember if the back scarf dyes on those though...

    Keep a watch at the AH, as there have been black versions of the hats that do not bind in gift boxes long times past. And some of us still have them.
    I only post the ones with the eyepatch, and usually charge 15 gold for them, as they were rare to begin with. There also are ones in the TP store still I believe, not that much TP for them...
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    Quote Originally Posted by redgold9 View Post
    A few years ago (this was long before Mithril coins) I ran this on a level 17 character. Low level characters can swim up the river - as long as they stick to the very middle they will be fine.
    redgold9 is right I've done this quest on characters fresh out of the intro and they swam the whole way and it was perfectly safe
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    Bah, nothing new, like always!
    A real pirate needs a parakeet sitting on his shoulder, so can i have that please?

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    Quote Originally Posted by schlumpfencowboyjoe View Post
    Bah, nothing new, like always!
    A real pirate needs a parakeet sitting on his shoulder, so can i have that please?
    yep, a parrot would have been nice
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    Quote Originally Posted by Chellcn View Post
    Anyone else start humming Iron Maiden or was it just me?
    Yup! First thing I thought of!!!!

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    The Tale of the Shipwrecked Mariner is over already!
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