wow this thread is old.. I am only gonna mention a few the creep I have 1v1ed most and the 2 freeps. so Thorfinn and ell, have enjoyed every fight we have ever had. and the creep Burzan, tons of fun fights at 75, and if I ever get around to gearing, we must have more. chiron, have enjoyed fighting your OPwaterlored kiting fire throwing stick swinging monster, to your great Warleader, still the only wl to beat my rk more then once before they got insane stuns, hat off to you. Toxo, fights with you are pretty fun I must admit, again only defiler to really beat me at 75, so I appreciate that. Aervoth have had some great 1v1s with you too, and qris, and algol, and I am just gonna stop cuz once I started saying people I have loved 1v1ing I realize I could go on all day, I enjoy playing with you all, mentioned or not, and thanks for helping me be not quite so fail