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    "The Necromancer of Mirkwood" RP campaign (VIDEOS!)

    The Farmer looked surprised.
    "Mirkwood? Why would you leave Bree-land and travel all the way to such a distant land?"
    Lindeman replied: "I was discussing the place with a few adventurers and got a little carried away".


    In the same way as in Rialo's "Trip to Forochel" thread, I would like to let you know that my character Lindeman will be travelling from Bree to Mirkwood. I invite anyone who might be interested in RP to join in on the journey.

    In practise I will be slowly advancing Lindeman towards the destination in-game and will do some instances on the way. The journey might take a full month in real life time, since there is no hurry and I'm not sure how often I will be playing. So the RP campaign has very much a "hop-on, hop-off" quality for anyone who might join.

    The start of the journey will probably be within a few days. I tend to play evenings European time. The best way to follow progress might be my twitter, which is listed in my signature.

    There is little other plot than the misguided idea about "capturing the necromancer", the travelling and some RP excuses that lead to doing instances such as Stand at Amon Sul, Bruinen Gorges and others. Once in Mirkwood, Volume 2 Book 9 can be done.

    Lindeman is level 60, and it would make sense for others characters to be at least level 45. Players should make an effort to keep as much talk as possible In-Character.

    You can let me know if you are interested and leave other feedback here or by in-game mail.
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