This year, on Thursday February 5th at the third bell we celebrate Forge Day Fest (Khebabnurtamrâg)*.

This sacred day for all smiths has been well celebrated every year by many of our kin-brothers and sisters.

It always is a pleasure to see to many of different kins join for this feast in honor of Mahal.

On this day dwarrow smiths from all corners of Arda are required to forge an exquisite item in honor of Mahal, The Maker...
and I must say I expect plenty of hammers hitting those anvils this year again.

Many songs will be sung, many Ales will be drunk... and many thumbs will be hit by falling hammers I'm sure.

Event starts at 3PM /servertime - which is 8UK/9Central Europe)

Some more (non-canon) information on Forge Day Fest:
The 19th day of the 4th month of the Dwarvish calendar marked the yearly Forge Day Fest, which lasted from sunrise till sunset. At sunset the last fall of the hammer marked the end of winter. The sunrise on the day after Forge Day Fest marked the start of shulukadrân (wet-season - referring to the melting of the snow), which lasted till the sunset of the last day of the 5th month [January/February till

Forge Day Fest ("Khebabnurtamrâg") held on the 19th of 'afnu'khazâd, marks the end of the winter ("Iklaladrân") in many dwarven Halls. As its name suggests, sacred to smiths. Each Dwarvish smith is required to forge a large, exquisite item in honor of this day. Some of the greatest Dwarvish weapons (most notably the Durin's Axe) were reportedly forged on this day. The meal for this feast day is quite heavy- dark bread, mutton, and mushrooms. Likewise the Dwarvish spirits on this day are thick, black ales. On this day the dwarves, in tribute to Mahal, forge a great work. It is common in many clans to hold a great feast after hours of crafting and working in the forges, where all display their creations. The work receiving the highest praise is often gifted to the Lord of the Hall.