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    Re: Turbine cancels Phase B of Legendary Item Revamp

    Quote Originally Posted by PsychobabbleJJ View Post
    All i hear from people complaining about LIs is "I want the best item possible but I don't want to put in any real effort".
    Yes, I'll have to do that again with the new level cap but that's the point isn't it? If I could just transform my existing weapon into +10 levels then I don't need to do any more work to get an increase in power, it's just handed to me on a platter.
    Agreed and agreed.

    Quote Originally Posted by Darmokk View Post
    To be quite honest, their obviously very limited time for development might be better spent elsewhere. There's code that is in more need of polishing in areas that would have more impact on game fun. I don't think the update B changes would have given LIs a decisive push towards more fun..
    And agreed again. Seriously, if the choice was between developing new maps, quests (esp the DRAGOLICH!), increasing the level cap, reconstituting several classes (e.g. mini), and major changes to stats, versus revamping the LIs, it such an easy decision. It's so easy to pick on a few things and miss the bigger picture.

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    Re: Turbine cancels Phase B of Legendary Item Revamp

    Anyone who says that LI's are not the biggest grind in the game is kidding themselves. For the amount of time and effort put into getting great LIs, this really feels like resetting the grind (purely pertaining to LIs). I agree that coding time could be spent better elsewhere as opposed to a massive overhaul, where the LIs actually grow with you, but there has got to be a more player friendly route to getting the empowerment scrolls other than farming skirms and S3Ms/S4Ms.

    Including the new higher lvl scrolls in older barter systems (dol guldur medallions/loth/moria/OD Tokens) would take the sting out of the grind, since no one wants to run school/library a thousand times. Another route could be bartering moria tokens to lorien to dol goldur to OD to Isenguard tokens, and it should not be difficult or time consuming to impletment. Im very disappointed that phase B was cancelled, though I have no idea if that actually meant LIs that grow with you. Turbine - prove this cancellation isnt a money grab, considering all the LI stuff recently added to the store, and merge a useful end game barter system that can stand the test of time.

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    Re: Turbine cancels Phase B of Legendary Item Revamp

    Quote Originally Posted by Redrider. View Post
    Since even before the WB buyout of Turbine, less and less attention has gone into any type of game development/progression.

    The game content and development is lacking. The entire engine is starting to get old and needs a major overhaul. This is evidenced by the fact that there's not enough room for any new skills in the quickslots. Instead we get skill consolidation and "improved" versions of old skills. You have one class developer handling two classes each.

    This game needs an influx of new money to remain relevant. Is WB going to step up?
    I'm glad I'm not the only one that thinks so. The amount and quality of LoTRO development and implementation in SoA was phenomenal. I honestly feel Turbine has just gotten lazy, or maybe understaffed. Constant cuts of "intended" content or ideas doesn't look good. I strongly believe WB needs to give them a kick in the rear and/or hire some new staff to help get these "intended" ideas out.

    We've basically seen the same models reused over and over since Moria with minor changes. The instances have all become very linear. (HoC onward is like invisible wall era.) Legendary Items are not fun, to me at least.

    Turbine has become a fairly successful company, I don't see any reason they shouldn't expand to keep up the quality of work in line with that of SoA.

    Don't get me wrong, I love the game and I love the IP. From my point of view though, it all looks lazy.

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    Re: Turbine cancels Phase B of Legendary Item Revamp

    Quote Originally Posted by bastiat1 View Post
    Not sure why you would say this when the Phase A changes to the LI system were the direct result of player complaints about the system. This was even explicitly acknowledged by the Devs. So your little lecture to "just take it" is founded on a completely false premise. Now that's what I call "a waste of valuable key strokes."

    You make it sound like nothing changes in the game. That's ridiculous. Things change all the time. The point is to impress upon the Devs what changes are important to us so they get prioritized in the queue. I think frustration with the LI system is a huge piece of that which needs to be communicated.
    Argh! I can't give you any more rep atm, bastiat1. But tomorrow I'm gonna try again. lol

    LIs are customizable, but not unique. Everyone wants the same major legacies as everyone else in their class. Cappy buffsticks all look the same.

    Turbine can remain relevant if they stop driving people away with this ###### LI system. A Legendary Weapon should, imo, work more like skirmish soldiers. Customizable, grindy but *progressive.* NOT recycling/replacing, and NOT identical to the other guy's LI because there are *that many* *good* options to choose from.

    LIs will not save this game. They're killing it. LIs will not give Turbine a sustainable income because more people, rather than fewer, are sick and tired of throwing good money and time after badly spent money and time. Those who disagree, come to my server and ask in glff, or gooc. Just ask how many people are considering leaving the game: 1. we haven't been getting enough new content (thankfully that's been changing lately), 2. LIs are becoming more trouble than the entire game is worth (which is only getting WORSE over time).
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    Re: Turbine cancels Phase B of Legendary Item Revamp

    Quote Originally Posted by Yula_the_Mighty View Post

    Final Thoughts - Like many other aspects of life. You have to accept it. You are not going to get what you wanted. Once you reach acceptance. You have make a command decision as to what to do about

    It can be difficult to realize you are a male sheep. You are butting a something like the Hoover Dam trying to break it. You are providing lots of amusement value for the spectators. You are not making any progress.
    the fact of the matter is that many positive changes in this game have been a DIRECT result of player feedback and demand for changes. here are a few that i can think of off of the top of my head:

    1. removal of radiance
    2. everyone in group getting tokens for armor barter (rather than just one piece that goes to lucky person)
    3. north men medallions made bind to account rather than character
    4. crafting item/barter tokens for 1st ages rather than dropping a random item so that we can craft the item we want
    5. the ability to interact with quest NPCs without having to first dismount your horse

    and i am sure there are many more but those are ones i can think of atm. bottom line is that our feedback is very important part and can result in positive changes to the game.
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    Re: Turbine cancels Phase B of Legendary Item Revamp

    Quote Originally Posted by Lohi View Post
    WoW is the most popular and it does not have this abundance of skills; most of their skills are "improved" versions since their skills don't automatically increase in power as you level. Ie, you have the level 20 melee attack that's strong at level 20 but is not so great at level 29, but then you hit level 30 and you buy a skill to get the "improved" level 30 attack.
    Totally to the side, but they started to phase that system out in WotLK, and have completely removed all traces of it in Cataclysm. All skills scale automatically with player level at this point.

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    Re: Turbine cancels Phase B of Legendary Item Revamp

    This should have been obvious.

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    Re: Turbine cancels Phase B of Legendary Item Revamp

    I am not a fan of the LI system and dont think I ever will be. The current system is better in many respects, in that you can get what you want with a little work. However in saying that I think Turbine took us a bit to literally when we said that we didnt mind a bit of grind so long as we could see where we are going. I think they overdid the grind to make the LI's good a bit to much (re empowerment scrolls/shard grinding)

    I think in the future Turbine needs to be very careful with adding anymore grind back into the system. With the new cap raise we are starting the whole grind LI process again from scratch, however coupled with that they have given us another level of grind to go with it. New empowerment scrolls at higher cost, new level of relics at higher cost however with the latter they have reduced the avenues to meet those costs. Adding another level of grind and making that little bit harder to achieve the end just makes no sense to me when we are starting from scratch. This would make sense if we were keeping what we currently have.

    While we have LI's in the game I think Turbine will always have issues, cant say its the majority but I would think taht a great number of players in LOTRO just tolerate LI's and live with them because we have to. Content is balanced for thier use. If it was viable to use non LI items I think that most would cease to use them. I know when I first saw the initial SS of weapons from ROI before they were balanced for DPS, I had a glimmer of hope that I may have been able to throw away a few LI's and just use standard weapons. But that is my view and could be far from what most think


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