Second Breakfast are planning another chicken run this Saturday at 12:00 (noon) server time, starting at Sandson's Farm in the Shire (near MD). It's been ages since we've done this - and this will be a run for beginners, so Shire, followed by Bree, and then we'll see where we are, the idea being to complete all the chicken quests over the next couple of weeks - after which we'll look at a Crosser of Roads marathon - don't you lust after that title?

You will need to have completed the preliminary quests (see NPCs and George the chicken at the farm). The aim is to get the Cloak of the Cluck by completing all the quests (may take a few Saturdays!).

Those of you who have completed this already, or who aren't keen on being a lvl 1 chicken - we also need protectors to make sure our hens don't get spatchcocked (if there are *s in that last word, it wasn't rude!). Come and be a Protector of the Fowl for a while - beating off all those nasty thingies out there who like nothing better than a bit of chicken

So Sandson's Farm, 12:00 (noon) EST Saturday 10th Sept - see you there, I hope!