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    Smile Reforged now recruiting for end-game content


    Reforged is and endgame kinship currently looking for progressive-minded players. We consist of friendly people who love to do PVE instances, be it 3-man, 6-man, or 12-man raids. We have TeamSpeak server (mandatory for all raids and most instances) and active website that lists out our regular events/raids. Currently, our usual routine is doing 3-man (sch/lib/sth/ncf/sh/wp) daily, 6-man (moria instances/glacier/lost temple/sg/annu/gb) daily, and raids (vm/dn/od/hele/bg). Some of our members also enjoy PVP.

    The majority of our players are level 75. We're trying to expand our numbers and recruiting veteran/fresh 75s, and even lower levels that show promising development. We do have some alts that can help you quest and gear up, but do note that we dedicate ourselves to progressing in raids/end-game content and thus we expect people to eventually reach end-game and work on them as a kin. With the upcoming expansion, we're trying to get solid raid groups for the 24-man raid and end-game content.


    If you're interested, do contact our recruitment officers in-game (either send a mail or /tell). We do not just invite anyone to the kin and would like to know more about you before we decide to take you in. Joining us in some instances before joining the kin would be a great way to see if Reforged suits you or you suit Reforged.

    Also, check out our website at http://www.dwarrowdelfreforged.guildlaunch.com for more information about our recruitment policies.

    Thank you and have nice day!
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    ~Captain Tudhuiros of Gondor, Officer of Reforged Kinship, Dwarrowdelf Server~



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