Oh, Golfimbul was a Goblin bold,
a goblin bold was he.
He was full of fire, for the shire,
full of fire was he.
He found a field, a very green field,
he found a field did he.
And that field, it had a Took,
and that Took well took he ...

So toast that Took,
Bandobras Took,
Toast that took for we ...

So take that dram,
of Mount Gram,
a dram of fire for thee.

Down, down, down, downnnnnnn ....


Emphasis is basically on the fourth syllable, so its

a-gob-lin-BOLD-was-he. he-was-FULL etc etc

Im pretty sure spirits are canonical for hobbits, so Mount Gram sounds like a good label for rough double-distilled firewater