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    Major Weapon Legacy: Critcal Damage Multiplier is bugged

    Tonight I deconstructed my level 60 1st Age champion sword. On Decon, I kept the Critical Damage Multiplier legacy. When I tried to put the legacy on my new sword -- a level 65 2nd Age Champion sword -- I am not able to do so. The legacy says "Maximum Target Level 65, so it should work. What is even more weird is that of the four level 62 or higher legendary weapons I have slotted, the only one that shows up in the legacy replacement panel is a level 62 champion club. Definitely something isn't working right.

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    Re: Major Weapon Legacy: Critcal Damage Multiplier is bugged

    I experienced this exact same problem today as well. However, my annoyance came with a Tier 5 +Sprint Duration legacy that, upon being extracted from a decon'd LI, could not be used on an appropriate level LI.

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    Re: Major Weapon Legacy: Critcal Damage Multiplier is bugged

    1) Does it already have the Crit Damage Multiplier legacy on it?

    or, more likely:

    2) Is the weapon that you'd like to apply the legacy to awaiting a reforge? If so, you'll have to reforge before you can apply the legacy.

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    Re: Major Weapon Legacy: Critcal Damage Multiplier is bugged

    I know for sure that a legacy extracted from a 61+ wep will apply to 65, but I'm not so sure about 60.
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    Re: Major Weapon Legacy: Critcal Damage Multiplier is bugged

    The table of legacy levels is:
    51-59: targetlevel 60
    60-64: targetlevel 65
    65: targetlevel 70
    Reforge seems a plausible reason for this error, im sure OP isnt really trying to upgrade an exisiting crit multiplier leg on an item. In the case that he IS, lets say because it is a measly tier 1: you cant use same legacy on an item that it already have. Either use empower to rectify, or if you got a bunch of legacyscrolls replace one other major leg over the crit mult and then use the t2 crit multiplier back on.
    Not getting a choice to apply the legacy to anything is sometimes simply because the other items already has the legacy.

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    Re: Major Weapon Legacy: Critcal Damage Multiplier is bugged

    I had this happen the other night on my Mini. I don't remember now which legacy it was but otherwise it was the same exact story. I got frustrated and gave up, but I may have vendored the darn legacy at that point.

    It made absolutely no sense whatsoever and I really don't have patience for this sort of thing. I should have opened a ticket, but I still have one open from a month ago on a different issue that never got answered. It's kind of sad when you reach the point where you have a problem with the game and you have zero confidence that you can get customer service for your issue, so you just give up and move on.
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