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    Playing songs in Lotro???

    Can anyone tell me how to play real music in the game?

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    Re: Playing songs in Lotro???

    http://www.thefatlute.com has a good selection of songs.
    Here's some info on how to play them: http://www.thefatlute.com/Tutorial.aspx

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    Re: Playing songs in Lotro???

    theres 2 ways to play music in lotro, first makesure you have an instrument equipped then

    the hard way: from chat type /music, then use the number keys 0-9 to play notes and ctrl+shift to change the note pitch

    the easy way:browse to (my)documents\the lord of the rings online and create a folder called music
    vist the above site and download the music in 'abc' format, save the file to the music folder
    then from the lotro chat window type /music /play [file name]
    ie to play the song saved with the filename lotro_theme type /play lotro_theme
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    AW: Playing songs in Lotro???

    What's 'real' to you?

    If it's playing music by hand you can find some good suggestions for keyboard layouts here.
    Also be sure to check 'low latency' in the audio options when you're playing alone. Wether or not to check 'Quantize Player Music' depends on the type of music you want to play. It can make for some nice effects when checked but when playing moody songs it's better turned off. Make sure to uncheck 'low latency' when jamming with others.

    The other possibility is abc files. Rahnosi's links will give you a good start. You may also want to take a look at this lore book entry. And then there's always the music section of this forum.
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    Smile Re: Playing songs in Lotro???

    YOu can also convert Midi files to Abc files. Just download the Lotro Midi Player at http://code.google.com/p/lotromidipl...er- Then run and open your midi. YOu might want to adjust the setting according to the midi and fix the transpose as well(settings on bottom). Then just to File-->Export to Abc and the program should find the lotro music folder. Save, Run the game and then type in /music then /play <filename>(The file you exported)

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    how does 1 download a song like greensleaves to play in lotro on 1's lute?
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    Quote Originally Posted by obi-wan-kenobi View Post
    how does 1 download a song like greensleaves to play in lotro on 1's lute?
    That was all explained in the previous posts. But....

    It's simple enough; if I can do it it has to be, I'm about thick as a brick. lol

    The fatlute, has a big selection of music http://www.thefatlute.com/Songs.aspx?sort=artist&set=0
    You can ether download the zip file, unzip it and drop the .abc file in to my documents/lordoftherings/music.
    Or you can simple copy the piece from fatlute and paste to note pad. Then save it to the music folder and change the file extension from .txt to .abc, easy and works fine.
    In game equip your instrument, type in chat /music, open your music folder, copy the song title, back to the game in chat type in /play ctrl+v {to paste in the song title} and enter.

    Note there are many modern songs that do not sound out of place in LOTRO. David Bowie's ashes to ashes, system of a down's aerials, Jimi Hendrix's wind cry Mary are my 3 favorites; so far

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    If you want to learn about plugins, songbook is especially helpful when you have a larger library.
    as instructions on the site, but simply put, make a folder in mydocuments>lord of the rings online called plugins. Unzip the plugin there, and run the included songbook.hta
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    ummm ok thanks for the info but manstan u said ur as thick as a brick, well im as thick as a fireplace because i didnt understand one word u guys said. so can you please explain it in more understandable words?
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    I'm not sure how I could explain it any simpler, I do assume the reader has basic comp skills like what a zip file is and how to unzip it. How to download a zip file. And how to move files and folders. That is all there is to getting the files in place.

    In game to set your character playing you need to equip your instrument the in the chat window type /music
    then type /play songtitle

    The other stuff is just me cutting out steps. As in I can copy the song from Fat lute and paste to note pad, then save right to my LOTRO music folder. Be sure when you title it there are no spaces in the title. It's faster and has fewer steps then downloading, unzipping, naming, and moving the same file. It's easy enough to select the note pad file .txt and change it to the music .abc file type.

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    its too complex, but thanks for trying to help me
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    Quote Originally Posted by obi-wan-kenobi View Post
    its too complex, but thanks for trying to help me
    That is too complex? I have AADD, dyslexia, the attention span of a house cat, and the short term memory of a head of lettuce, so pardon me if I can't understand how a 4 step operation can be too complex. There are more steps to logging in to the game. The complexity to playing the game is far in excess of that; L I can't keep up with it all.

    I could brake it down to basic computer operations, but I assume unzipping and moving files is common knowledge if you are using a computer. Tell me how basic you need it and I will brake it down for you; after all I am slow and have to "next step" my way through it every time.

    I think playing the songs you like in game is fun enough to get you there For me when the grind is wearing on me I'll stop, whip out my lute, and play a few songs to get me in a better mood.

    Note: this post took me nearly an hour to write. Some words may be wrong but if they are spelled right, I wouldn't know if the difference. Some words I had to google to find the right spelling. It was proof read and edited 9 times before posting.

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    This is the best guide I've found so far: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfile.../?id=207006374.

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