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    Legacy replacement scrolls post ROI

    Hey All!

    Quick question.

    With the move to new higher min lvl LI's will the older legacy replacement scrolls work with new LI's?

    Looking at some I have in the vault, some I have say usable on max lvl 65 and some say usable on max lvl 70 items. The way it reads to me is that some I can't use on a lvl 70 LI, some I can and none will work on a lvl 75 LI.

    Is this valid?

    Hewar: 75 Guardian R5 | Mengelor: 75 Lore-master R6 | Finboraran: 75 Minstrel R5
    Celedrae: 75 Hunter R5 | Bumlow 65 Burglar R4 | Aikengrim 62 Cappy
    Hewgrim 51 RK
    Pulcha R7 Weaver | Rwonchie R7 Reaver | Gnawrly R7 Defiler
    Ronchie R6 Warleader | Hoochie R6 Stalker | Schpanky R6 BA [/Center]

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    Re: Legacy replacement scrolls post ROI

    You will have to get new legacy replacement scrolls from Isengard legendary items after the expansion launches. I believe it is a character level 69 or higher item that you will need to extract the scroll from for your character level 75 items.

    Good news is that your blue pills and relics will still be usable.

    Scrolls of empowerment have the same issue as legacy replacement scrolls.

    It is my understanding store bought scrolls will on all items. There are not level restricted.

    You are looking a full reset on almost all your gear. The only exceptions being relics and blue pills that I know of.
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